How Can a Chatbot Engage Customers to Find Products?

How Can a Chatbot Engage Customers to Find Products?

Currently taking the ecommerce world by storm, chatbots facilitate personalized customer interactions without needing a real person on the other side of the screen. While chatbots may seem like a tool that only bigger platforms need, they can seriously increase sales for companies of all sizes by engaging with customers to find products. Read on to learn how the best chatbot programs can help customers find the products they want.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal shopper who knows exactly what we need? As shown in apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, AI-powered technology allows for a personalized shopping experience, and chatbots are no different. Working by looking at your customers’ viewing history, chatbots can present a variety of products and even upsell by showing products commonly purchased with the item your customer is currently viewing.

Real-Time Interaction

A lot of customers become frustrated when they feel like they can’t talk to someone if they’re having difficulty on a site, but chatbots facilitate a smoother experience for customers by taking them directly to the item category they need as well as helping them through the checkout experience. This allows for a smoother, quicker check-out experience that makes the customer feel valued. The best part? Most chatbot programs have an option where employees can track interactions, meaning customers can connect directly with a support agent for assistance.

Connect with Other Apps

Apps are great which is why people have so many on their phones; however, it can be irritating to routinely close an app to go to another. Luckily, the best chatbot platform is found online. Most chatbots can be integrated into social media platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to allow an easy checkout experience with customers by letting them checkout directly through an app they’re already on. You can also have the chatbot send automatic reminders about products customers were previously viewing to motivate them to complete the checkout experience.


Chatbots deliver a fair amount of analytical information directly to your computer screen, giving you insight to an assortment of information about your customer base, ranging from their sex to location. This allows you to create a more personalized experience for your customers as well as creating ads that will appeal to your target demographic. While many feel like they already have their ideal customer in mind, many find that a chatbot allows them to narrow down their target demographic or discover a customer base they didn’t know they had.

Chatbots can increase a customer base by delivering a personalized shopping experience, facilitating personal interactions, connecting with pre-existing apps, delivering valuable analytical information and a wealth of other benefits to ecommerce businesses that opt to use them.