How to Become a Real Estate Agent

How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Real estate is an exciting and challenging area that can be very lucrative for real estate agents. Are you interested in becoming a realtor? Do you feel intimidated at the idea of breaking into the real estate field? While you don’t need a specific degree, there are certain steps you will need to follow in order to work as a licensed real estate agent.

Take the Pre-Licensing Course

Successful real estate investors like Steven Taylor Los Angeles know that any prospective real estate agent needs to take a pre-licensing course before they can move forward with their career. The training hours vary from state to state, but generally include information about real estate law, principles and best practices. This type of course can be taken online or in person through a certified real estate licensing school.

Pass the Real Estate Licensing Exam

The real estate licensing exam is a critical part of becoming a real estate agent. It is not possible to move forward with a real estate career without passing it. Instructions for taking this test can be found through your state’s website. The test generally consists of questions about general real estate, federal law and state law. Be sure to prepare thoroughly ahead of time and consider taking one or two sample tests, which are often provided through pre-licensing courses.

Obtain a Real Estate License

A license is also crucial to a career as a real estate agent and you are not legally allowed to work in the real estate field without one. These can be obtained through your state government for a fee. Depending on your state, the fee can range between $200 and $400.

Begin Working as a Real Estate Agent

The final important step before becoming a realtor and working with investors like Steven Taylor LA is obtaining access to a multiple listing service, also known as an MLS. A multiple listing service allows real estate agents to list properties for sale, along with information about purchase price, property specifications and tax information. Membership with an MLS generally costs a fee, which can vary from state to state. You can also consider becoming part of a trade group at this time, which can help with credibility and give you access to additional benefits.

Working as a real estate agent can be exciting and lucrative, so don’t hesitate to make the leap if you are looking for a challenging and fulfilling career.