Look Elegant With These Outfits This Diwali

Look Elegant With These Outfits This Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights. This time is not just Diwali but also Dhanteras’ preparation, New Year, Kali Puja, etc. In this period, everyone wears new cloth or vibrant outfits, accessories, etc. The Indian calendar indicates the beginning of the new year due to bury of all the old bad memories of past years, and wearing new clothes is just a symbolical gesticulation to celebrate the new year, as well as Diwali. People perform Lakshmi Pujan on a festive day, Diwali.

At the same time, after killing Ravana, Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya. So, Diwali is significant to all of us. During this festive season, people have to grow to be flexible with their outfits or adore. This year, Diwali reflects the color shades of ochre, mustard, and gold. There are Diwali Outfit Ideas for Women, men, and kids With Modern Styles as below: If you want to know some more exciting facts then visit fortressone.net.

For Men:

      Traditional outfits give an exquisite look to men.

1.   Dhoti – kurta:

Now, the dhoti is in trend, but it is a traditional outfit for Indian men. Younger is not comfortable with dhoti for wearing a highly complex process. For easy wear, the dhoti, readymade dhoti, is also available in the market due to its looking very smart in modern fashion. Dhoti with kurta gives an elegant look for the festive season.

Bandhgala Kurta With White cotton Pants: Bandhgala kurta is now very trendy. This kind of kurta paired with white cotton pants or churidar is perfectly matched for the Diwali season. This kurta, also decorated with thread embroidery work, looks classic.

2 Kurta with Asymmetrical Jacket :

Asymmetric jackets and kurtas are Famous in the fashion market. Plain kurta with embroidery asymmetric jacket pair up and gives a fashionable look to men.

3. Brilliant Embroidery Sherwani :

Celebrate this Diwali with light, color, and Sherwani, which is covered with bright-colored embroidery. That will be an excellent choice for men.

4. Punjabi with Pajama:

Are you a Bengali boy or a man? You should know the function and aristocracy of Punjabi and pajamas in Bengal. Without a pair of sets, puja is incomplete. For any puja or festival purpose, Punjabi and Pajama or dhuti are a must for every man and look like a Kartik Thakur, as said by grandparents.

For Women:

Diwali or festive season outfits are for ladies with modern style.

1. Saree:

In Indian tradition, the saree is the most beautiful outfit for any kind of occasion. It is a timeless piece of clothing that under no circumstances goes out of style. Saree pairs with the right accessories to accomplish the look. This Diwali silk saree, like Mysore Silk Sarees, Banarasi Silk Sarees, Kanchipuram Sarees, and Paithani Sarees, is very trendy. Try these kinds of sarees with embroidery blouses and fashionable jewelry.

2. Kurta set :

For this festival, always go for the kurta and pants or churidar. It also gives an elegant look when a kurta with jerdoushi work, embroidery work, thread work, etc. It is perfect for Choti Diwali or kali puja purposes.

3.  Lehenga – choli set :

The set can be a perfect outfit for any festival or occasion like Diwali. the lehenga is designed with sequences, zari work, and digital floral print. This set also pairs with earrings and bangles.

4. Anarkali Kurta set:

Floral printed Anarkali kurta is beautiful and perfect for any purpose. It is a very comfortable and relaxed outfit for all day time.


There are many stylish, fashionable, elegant, and comfortable outfits for the upcoming festive seasons. Make a significant style statement for this Diwali.