Pros And Cons of Choosing Poker For A Living

Pros And Cons of Choosing Poker For A Living

You might have seen many online poker players earning the right amount for living by choosing to play poker full time for the rest of their careers. Their lifestyle is pretty charming, which urges you to become a professional poker player to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Do you know the poker industry has a net worth of $116 billion which is estimated to raise at $150 Billion at the end of the year 2025?

But wait! Don’t decide in a hurry. This is only one side of the story, the brighter one. Data shows that many online poker players turn into partial or full sanity after losing their money online. They feel exaggerated and don’t want to lose. As a result, they lose their temper, and it may lead them to suicide. Let’s dig into more details so you can decide whether to choose it as a profession or not!

Pros of choosing poker for a living

You’re your boss

Many people don’t like to follow the rules of the world by following a hectic 9-5 job routines. Some of them are unhappy with their workplace or disrespected by their bosses. But as an online poker player, you don’t even need to change your pyjamas to start your work. You can work from home without bothering about the weather conditions and busy roads. You’re your boss and only answerable to yourself. 

Lavish lifestyle

When you spend time developing poker skills, the results will allow you to enjoy every meal of this planet. You’ll be able to buy any branded car or a well-furnished house just in a click. 

Sky’s the limit

This proverb is an excellent source of motivation when you talk about the possibilities of earning by playing online poker games. Many people have made thousands of dollars by playing casino online at the comfort of their homes. With determination and passion, one can earn as much as he wants.

Cons of choosing poker for a living 

Uncertain Income 

Although one can make a lot of money, there is a factor of uncertainty. You never know how much you’re going to take your home. Through earning by playing online poker, whether you’ll be able to pay your bills or not, nothing is guaranteed.

Social cut

As you know that one has to spend hours and hours sitting in front of the screen which will have adverse effects on your personal life as well. It’ll not be wrong if I say that you’ll cut off from the society in chasing your dream amount from online poker games. 


Psychologists have proved that as a human being, we should not spend our time in loneliness. Things may not be suitable for you when you lose a game to another player. You might get caught in depression which is terrible for your health. 

Ending note

We have discussed the pros and cons of choosing poker as your primary stream of income. One can enjoy a lavish life by being his boss with limitless opportunities of earnings by playing online poker games. On the other side, it may have adverse impacts on your life in the shape of uncertainty about income, social distances, and loneliness.