Smart Storage Ideas of 2020

Smart Storage Ideas of 2020

Storage options have always been around you, but the majority of people complain about a lack of space. The world is full of different items to make your life easier. Small to big, the size of these life-saving items is variable. No matter how big your house is, you always need ideas to store your things. Nobody likes to keep their home messy, and to keep everything in place, it not only takes organization skills but storage ideas too.

Undoubtedly, furniture nowadays is more convenient to use. Not just furniture, but the majority of daily use items are portable. But does this portability assure less space consumption? It depends on the products mostly, but you must equip yourself with storage ideas to avoid any issues. How would you feel if you have tried your level best to keep all the items in place, but it does not look tidy? Don’t panic because here are some smart storage ideas that will help you stay organized and look trendy at the same time. These are the latest storage trends for the year 2020.

1. Separate Drawers For Every Item

The most common mistake that people make is that they use one drawer for different purposes. It looks convenient for the time being, but in the long-run, unnecessary items consume the space. The essential things are kicked all over the place, and you lose them. A right storage solution can help you keep everything in place and a step away.

Divide drawers among the items and add small labels so that you don’t have to search every drawer. For example, you can organize one drawer for the makeup products and another drawer for the makeup brushes. Jewelry can get a separate label as well. Similarly, you can place all the stationery in a different drawer. Tags will help you identify the drawers quickly and save time for searching.

2. Mini Shelves Inside Shelves

No house is complete without shelves. Not only homes, but offices have several shelves too. In both places, you can add mini shelves inside shelves. How can you do that? It isn’t anything tricky. You just have to divide one shelf into different sections using any plank or separator you find.

For now, you might be thinking that it is not an option, and mini shelves would not increase any space. But once you follow this, you will realize how efficiently you can save space. It is specifically for the office shelves because you have minimal space, and messed up tables don’t look right.

3. Baskets Are a Wonderful Way of Saving Space

If you are still not in favor of mini shelves, then this might help you. The market is full of baskets. They vary in shape, color, and sizes so you can get the best one according to your use. If buying is not an option, you can make baskets at home too. You can use jute ropes or any other durable material and shape it in a basket.

What will these baskets do? Well, the small-sized baskets can take place on shelves or drawers and make them more efficient for use. Baskets can also give your kitchen utensils a home. For example, you can use two to three baskets and organize your stationery or makeup items in them. You can place these makeup baskets in one drawer or shelf in your bathroom. You can have all the things in one drawer, and they will not make any mess either. In the same way, you can use baskets to organize the kitchen too.

3. Your Beds And Sofas Can Store Too

Your relaxing buddies like the bed and sofa can help you save space as well. The area under them can be used for making a secret drawer, and you can store the most important things there. For example, instead of keeping your clothes, especially the undergarments in the dressing table drawers, add a drawer under the bed and keep them there. You can use the previous space for other items.

If your shoes do not stay in place and you have to spend much time searching for them, here is what you can do. You can convert the sofa into a shoe rack. How? The space under the sofa cushion is free and most probably hollow. Add a wooden plank which will serve as the base and space can be used for shoes, newspaper, or anything that moves in the house and irritates you. The sofa cushion will usually work, and you can relax just like before.

4. Roll Small Clothes to Save Space

Have a messy wardrobe? Start saving space there too. Roll all your tees properly and place them one over the other. You will have much space for the pants to stay in place. If rolling is not an option, you can add separators here too. The primary aim is to save space, and whatever method suits you, apply it.

5. Wall-Mounted Office Organizers

Wall-mounted organizers come in several different sizes. You can get one and use it in the bathroom, in the study room, or your bedroom. The most messed up area of the house gets it. The organizer has different containers that can serve different items.

Since most of the examples in the blog are related to makeup and jewelry, here is another similar case. You can put all the brushes in one container. The other container can have eye makeup products like eyeliner and mascara. In the same way, you can use another box or rack for your jewelry too.


Storage is a big problem for everyone these days. For the same reason, storage companies are growing in number, but they are not a practical choice every time. There are several storage ideas that you can implement to save space. Your house or workplace will look neat, and you will also feel relaxed. Sometimes, the most expensive thoughts turn out to be inexpensive for storage. Use boxes and containers and recycle them into storage items. Finding a solution for saving space around you is not difficult. You just have to dig in a little. Also, you do not have to buy every storage box. Start making them at home every weekend.