Tips and Tricks to Advance Your Cricket Game

Tips and Tricks to Advance Your Cricket Game

Is betting on cricket your guilty pleasure? Why not, it is fun, easy, doubles your thrill of watching a match and earns you a bigger ROI.

In this article, experts share their cricket betting tips for a winning game!

But, first things first! How did cricket gain popularity?

The game of cricket in India is more than just a sport. For some, it is a religion and for others, it is an emotion. The adrenaline rush that ends a match is unbeatable. Any amount of cricket match is a treat for any Indian, their favourite pastime.

A ball and a bat are more likely to be found in every house than in hockey. Nevertheless, Hockey League India gained interest in our hearts by bringing about a good change in India. But the love for cricket goes back generations.

The cricket-crazy fans of India are sometimes more worried than the players themselves about match results. Thus, having a match opinion, views and comments on a team, players, score or even a format comes naturally to us. But not everyone can become a cricketer, but anyone can bet on their most-loved player and win.

Since the introduction of online betting, it has become a popular choice. Betting on your favorite team or player is much easier through India’s numerous cricket betting sites offering a wide range of options. You may think cricket betting is easy, but it can become complicated if you are just getting started. A wrong approach to cricket betting could prevent you from enjoying it and making money from it. Some players learn the strategies faster than others, but even the top cricket bettors have a learning curve. Here are some pro free betting tips to advance your betting game:

1. Start with small bets

When you are just starting out, don’t bet a large amount. But first thing first, decide the budget! Now, no matter how high your odds are, make small bets, analyze betting results and make a strategy that might work.

A smaller bet ensures that, no matter how many mistakes you make, you will not lose a lot of money. By following this strategy, you can ensure that you have enough bets before your money runs out. The longer you wager, the better your chances are of landing a winning strategy.

2. Knowledge is the key

This is no brainer betting tip! You need to know about the sport before investing in it. The deeper your understanding of the game is, the better your chances of profitability!

Cricket knowledge includes team, squad, opponent, venue, player, player’s past performance, game format and more. Study the game statistics, too. Also, in a sport – cricket, a lot depends on toss. So, last-minute decisions matter too. Toss can change the game in a lot of ways, and give you better odds of the score, players and team.

3. Weather Forecast and Pitch Report

A team’s performance is greatly affected by the weather and pitch conditions. A dry pitch and a sunny day are ideal for batsmen, while swing bowlers are better in humid climates than spinners. In case it rains, there are high chances of the match being drawn or get cancelled.

WTC final India vs New Zealand is one recent example of a match affected by the weather. Overall, the rain in Southampton hindered play on day four of India versus New Zealand’s World Test Championship final. It is, therefore, crucial to check weather, even though many fantasy players ignore it.

Don’t forget to verify the country’s weather forecast and climate before placing your wager. In no other sport is weather as important as in cricket. Checking the forecast will help you predict the outcome of the game.

4. Don’t Choose Rationally

Most people betting for the first time, make this mistake. It is likely that the first bet you ever place involves your favourite team. There is nothing wrong with this. However, this is not the right approach towards becoming a cricket bettor.

But, professional bettors keep their idolized cricketer and bet separately. Having said that, if you want to win the game, bet on high odds, even if those high odds favor players you dislike. You can’t rationalize the game! Remember that the goal of the game is to make a profit.

5. Compare the Odds

It is one of the simplest betting tips you need to follow – compare the odds. Odds are nothing but chances or probability of your winning. High odds mean high chances of winning certain predictions. Unlike many other betting tips websites, CBTF speed news offers sports prediction and odds of winning on a certain selection.

Online cricket betting sites do not offer the same odds everywhere. Thus, to ensure that you are getting the best bet, follow CBTF speed news. It has deep researched content, daily news updates and accurate predictions

6. Maintain Your Betting Record

Only a few beginners keep a record of their cricket bets. Don’t make this mistake. It is difficult to keep track of your spending without records. Additionally, when you keep a record, you can examine it periodically and find ways to improve. By doing so, you can gain a better understanding of both the game and your prediction skills. If you want to make money in the long run, it’s important.

7. Treat It Like Your Business

To succeed as a cricket bettor, don’t treat your bets like a hobby or interest. Instead, treat it like a business where you capitalize money and expect returns. By doing so, you work towards a goal with a fixed budget and make profitable decisions


Cricket betting is difficult to make a profit from when you first start out, but these cricket betting tips will give you a head start. All the strategies we discussed will improve your results instantly. For daily betting tips, visit CBTF speed news and change your losing game into winning!