United Car Care Reviews Tips for Automotive Marketers

United Car Care Reviews Tips for Automotive Marketers

Today, most people who are in the market for a new vehicle begin their search by shopping online. When customers have finalized their research, they call the dealership to inquire about a test drive or other questions they may have about the vehicle.  Here, leading vehicle service contract provider United Car Care shares tips for automotive marketers to acquire more customers in 2020.

  • Display Your Phone Number So That It Can’t Be Missed

This sounds obvious, but market research of many websites finds that many are doing very poorly at displaying the phone number and making it easy to use. All local listings should be updated on every available directory and your phone number should be prominent on the top and bottom of your home page, staff pages, and contact pages. Your phone number should be part of your meta description on all webpages so that it is picked up by Google and other search engines. It is extremely important that your entire web presence is optimized for mobile devices as well, as many leads will call directly from their phone by clicking on a displayed phone number.

  • Use a Toll-Free and a Local Number for Every Market You Have a Presence In

Many customers shy away from numbers that do not look local or are not obviously toll-free. Cover your bases by obtaining and using both a local and a toll-free number for every market you work in. Local pages should always include these numbers and any direct-dial contacts on staff bio pages should as well.

  • Have Your CTA include a Call-Back Option

Many of today’s customers like an initial response through email or a chat window, but many still prefer personal attention and direct action that comes from a phone call. Giving customers a button allowing for a “call me back” option can significantly increase inbound calls. Many customers will convert more readily when they have the personal attention of a sales agent with actual authority to discuss pricing and other considerations. Give customers the option to select the time they would like to talk and you will convert many more lookers into customers with a number on file with you.

  • Include Incentives in Your CTA

Give customers a clear and direct reason to call when they are on your landing or contact page. Promote comparative shopping on-site or test drives at your dealership. In addition to converting more calls, you will set the table for the end goal: getting the customer on your lot to look at purchasing options. Emphasize the offered services are free and require no commitment. Make it as easy as possible for a customer to call for specific services.

  • Use Call Conversion Data for Follow Up Methods That Convert

When a customer clicks to call or request information, make every effort to get their email address in addition to their phone number. When speaking with the customer, emphasize that you can provide useful follow-up information on the vehicle they are interested in and others like it. Then manage your sales funnel by texting and emailing information that is specifically relevant to the customer’s preferences with open and easy to understand requests for follow up by phone or in person. Presenting customers with the information they want in ways that are not pushy is a sure way to keep them engaged.

  • About United Car Care

United Car Care has worked with over a million satisfied customers and multiple dealers and agents in offering vehicle service contracts that provide reliable mechanical protection at an affordable cost. Their customers are provided with the security of knowing that United Car Care’s product is backed by an A-Rated insurer. Customers also value the company’s A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau which is evidence of the integrity of their service. Over a million satisfied customers stand as a testimonial to United Car Care’s core values: quality, dependability, and customer service.