Whitehat Jr. CEO Karan Bajaj Discusses The Company’s Recent Expansion Into Brazil

Whitehat Jr. CEO Karan Bajaj Discusses The Company’s Recent Expansion Into Brazil

Karan Bajaj is a noted author and CEO of the leading international tech education company known as WhiteHat Jr. WhiteHat Jr is dedicated to the belief that sustainable societies of the future will be vital in computer coding capabilities. As more of the tools and technology we use for everyday tasks rely on computing, Karan Bajaj explains that people will need to be competent in reading and writing computer languages to be independent and viable in the future job market. As societies become more dependent on computerized machinery, literacy will eventually cease to mean the ability to read and write human languages, but at least one machine language as well.

We spoke with Karan Bajaj about his company going live in Brazil, and here’s what he told us.

WhiteHat Jr. CEO Karan Bajaj on Going Live In Brazil

Today, Karan Bajaj is proud to announce that WhiteHat Jr. is now fully operational in Brazil. He declared, “With just three years of operational experience under our belts, we are thrilled to say that we are now teaching students in Brazil.”

The plan had been in the works for some time, and the program is now on track to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Competency testing for teacher candidates in the area has been ongoing for over two years.

Brazil Is a South American Tech Leader & a Growth Opportunity For WhiteHat Jr.

The tech sector has managed to make the country a growing factor in the global tech economy. The Brazilian people are the world’s second most active social media users, after the United States. The country has as many mobile computing devices as it does citizens.

International investors are also helping Brazil grow into a global tech leader as Brazilians exhibit an enthusiasm for the future. That being the case, Karan Bajaj of WhiteHat Jr. asserts that the need and the desire for computer language education is skyrocketing in Brazil and is projected to continue.

Similar to the U.S., coding was once a niche hobby for Brazilians. However, since the early 2000s, writing computer code to develop languages, firmware, and other rules for machines has become a serious occupation for an increasing number of Brazil natives. Today, it is an increasingly accepted career path that anyone can set their eyes on.

With the global pandemic, the global tech industry has seen a spike in tech growth, and Brazil has been no exception. WhiteHat Jr CEO Karan Bajaj hopes to help bridge the gap with essential tech education for the country and others in the region.