Why Kickboxing Is the Best Body Workout

Why Kickboxing Is the Best Body Workout

Kickboxing is undoubtedly among the best workouts for your body. The sport guarantees a perfect blend of cardio and strength, providing your body with dozens of benefits. In addition to the health and mental benefits delivered, the sport also creates a fun and exciting way to target muscle workouts. Here is why kickboxing is an impactful exercise routine for a full-body workout for everyone.

Improved Power, Agility, and Fitness

The intense workout offered by training for kickboxing improves your power, fitness, and agility significantly. A recent study focused on healthy men in their twenties who trained for kickboxing at least three days a week showed a 7% improvement in their lower and upper body strength. They also appeared faster by seconds on a 50-meter dash, proving the actual benefits of kickboxing.

Strengthens Your Body

Kickboxing also includes training for strength, which delivers several health benefits. The exercise routines focus on your entire body and engage even the muscles ignored in most routines. It simultaneously strengthens and tones your arms, legs, back, glutes, and core. Since you are moving your entire body during a workout, you can boost your muscles while burning more calories.

Facilitates Burning More Calories

With kickboxing, you are guaranteed to burn more calories than ever in high-intensity workouts. The average calories you can burn per hour are between 350 and 450, significantly improving power, flexibility, and overall health. The high-intensity training lasts from start to finish and ensures you burn calories for all the hours your session lasts.

Helps Relieve Stress

Kickboxing exercises not only your body but also your mind. It creates a practical alternative to controlling stress levels by occupying your body with other energy-consuming exercises and routines. In addition to relieving stress, it boosts your confidence and maintains focus.

If you have been highly stressed, kickboxing can guarantee an effective release channel that will leave you feeling zen. Since the sport involves high-intensity workouts, your brain will release endorphins that help relieve stress and combat depression.

Improves Your Balance and Coordination

Hand-to-eye coordination plays a significant role in kickboxing. The training involved improves your coordination since you will punch and kick objects in constant motion. Although some may find it intimidating initially, your body quickly learns the intricate dance and improves your coordination skills and overall balance.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

The best thing to do for your heart is to maintain regular high-intensity exercises. Kickboxing guarantees these workouts and creates a practical way to reduce belly fat. Numerous researchers correlated belly fat to heart disease, diabetes, and other critical heart conditions. To minimize exposure to these conditions, you should consider visiting kickboxing gyms in San Diego and start training.

Many sports guarantee full-body workouts, but not most can compare to kickboxing. Kickboxing helps you burn more calories, engage your muscles and core, and promote a healthier body. It is high time you join the kickboxing sport to improve your lifestyle and enjoy the numerous health benefits guaranteed.