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Diversity Aboveground: TV Winners & Losers 2016

It’s that time of year again to reflect on what television gave us this season and whether next season will be better in TV Winners & Losers 2016. Winners: Literary Fans Assuming they’re willing to put down their latest novel, book lovers will have more than usual to choose from on television. ABC will have

Film Review


‘The Legend of Tarzan’ (2016) Film Review

Created in 1912, the Tarzan character has starred in countless movie adaptations over the past century. This filmography ranges from silent films to Disney’s 1999 animated classic. The latest adaptation, Warner Bros.’ The Legend of Tarzan, offers a new take on the mythos. In this film, John Clayton III has left the Congo, but the time

Second Rounds On Us Podcast



The Second Rounds On Us brings to you your favorite hosts, Tommy Smooth Effect James, Mr. A-Town Ryan, Synn City & Mista Malave having some drinks and talking Mister Sinister in Wolverine 3 being denied? Joe Manganiello is DEATHSTROKE! Black Panther is going to Dark? But how Dark? and Nightmare Before Christmas LIVE…why not on Broadway! Afterwards we enjoy some memories

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Director Cary Fukunaga Pivots To ‘The Black Count’ As His Next Film

Deadline has learned that director Cary Fukunaga (True Detective, Beasts of No Nation) has exited the TNT series The Alienists to focus on his other film project The Black Count. The film which is setup at Sony Pictures focuses on the true-life story of Brigadier General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, a French nobleman that became the highest


Neill Blomkamp Updates On Fox’s Time Travel Flick ‘The Gone World’; Completes 2nd Draft

We had learned a while back Neill Blomkamp‘s Alien 5 would be delayed because of both Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant and now even further delays due to Sigourney Weaver’s production schedule for James Cameron’s Avatar sequels. Fox has since hired him to develop a feature adaption of the unpublished time travel novel The Gone World. Weaver had mentioned over the


FOOTAGE: ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Footage Teases Upcoming Trailer

A trailer for Ghost In The Shell is on the horizon and thanks to the film’s official Twitter account we have our first footage from the live-action adaptation of the cyberpunk manga/anime. The short clips give a small glimpse into the visual world of Ghost In The Shell, which is expected to be extremely stylized.