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Diversity Aboveground: TV Winners & Losers 2016

It’s that time of year again to reflect on what television gave us this season and whether next season will be better in TV Winners & Losers 2016. Winners: Literary Fans Assuming they’re willing to put down their latest novel, book lovers will have more than usual to choose from on television. ABC will have

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FILM REVIEW: Rob Zombie’s Gorefest ’31’

When it comes to Rob Zombie and his film making career. It comes with a very nostalgic cut and chop artistry. With reflective styles of his circus raised childhood and late night movie ma-cab’s. Zombie excels in creating twisted snuff date-centric  pieces in the groovy settings of backwoods hilly billy hell America.   Making his

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Jovanka Vuckovic Would Love To Direct An Episode of ‘Jessica Jones’

We just learned from Jessica Jones showrunner and executive producer Melissa Rosenberg (Dexter) they are planning an all-female lineup to direct the thirteen episodes of the second season. The character will be seen next in The Defenders, but second season likely won’t begin shooting until Daredevil season three finishes up first. This gives Marvel Television plenty