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Benedict Wong as Wong

Diversity Aboveground: Marvel’s Diversity Improving?

Marvel Studios has taken a lot of criticism that seems to increase with every year. It’s 2016 and still no Black Widow solo film. Doctor Strange, despite the box office numbers, did have boycotts. Black Panther is still 16 months away. Captain Marvel won’t premiere until over a year after that. Characters in the LGBTQUIA+

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Gal Gadot

FILM REVIEW: Wonder Woman Proves Her Worth

When fans have adored a character for over 75 years but her only cinematic appearance is in The Lego Movie, it’s no wonder that Wonder Woman‘s arrival has been more anticipated than even James Comey testifying before Congress. Then, Patty Jenkins directs the film with a cast of mostly women and a crew with more

Second Rounds On Us Podcast

Second Rounds On Us Podcast – Power Rangers Spoiler Review

That brand new episode is here with Tommy James, Mr. A-Town Ryan,Mista Malave and BigE sit down and breakdown Power Rangers! We all seen it together and now it’s time for the spoiler review! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!! If you’ve seen the movie listen in, if you haven’t and don’t care listen in, if you havent and

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Claire Danes as Juliet

Diversity Aboveground: Shakespeare’s Forgotten Feminist Icon?

In school, a large number of people on this planet are required to read the works of William Shakespeare. One of the playwright’s most popular writings is Romeo and Juliet. It seems to be the typical story of forbidden romance among rival families with tragic consequences, but have we been too hard on Juliet Capulet?

RUMOR: Emily Blunt A “Done Deal” For ‘Captain Marvel’?

Heroic Hollywood’s El Mayimbe was a guest co-host on Meet The Movie Press and was dropping some scoops on the show, on the show it was revealed by the other co-host from Schmoes Know that indeed Emily Blunt has been cast as Captain Marvel. Stating they’ve heard it’s a “done-deal”, while in the same breath stating it was

‘Gambit’ Role Going To Another Actor and Lea Seydoux Eyed?

Ever since it’s been teased by both actor Channing Tatum and producer Lauren Shuler Donner, it seemed like a lock Fox would sign him for the role of Gambit. It would lead to announcements that a solo film would be written by X-Men comic writer Chris Claremont and Robocop‘s Joshua Zetumer . Rise of The Planet of