How to Customize SharePoint Migration Plan?

Whether you are planning to migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online or some later version, you will always need a solid plan to execute the project successfully. Regardless of the type of SharePoint migration, it is important to know where to start and what to start with. 

Some of the leading migration experts have laid down a process involved in the migration. This template can be used by organizations when they are doing their migration.

How to Use SharePoint Migration Template?

The SharePoint migration template specifies the milestones that have to be achieved to succeed in the SharePoint Migration project. It tells you exactly when you can expect the process to be completed, what content should be moved, and if it should be branded, and other details.

What Strategy Should Be Used for SharePoint Migration?

Even before you start using the template, you need to know what you need to migrate. This identification is done using the following steps.

  • Start with the sites that you don’t want to move to SharePoint Online. These sites have to be removed. It means that these sites have to be deleted. Alternatively, they can be left on your existing SharePoint server if they have been isolated in their dedicated database. The objective is to ensure that these sites don’t have to be moved to the new Office 365 tenant for saving your costs.
  • Now that you know what sites will be migrated, identify the right type of migration. This would depend on the organization’s requirements. You could use a deferred Site Collection upgrade with SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016. This lets admins have a look at the preview before the actual upgrade. For SharePoint 2013 migration, it could be a good idea to first upgrade to SharePoint 2016 and individually export or import sites. 
  • The last step is to rebuild the sites that you have migrated to SharePoint Online. This step is important if you have a highly customized SharePoint On-Premises Server. The newer versions have more web parts and added applications that you should utilize as a part of your upgrade.

How to Deploy Your SharePoint Migration Plan?

You have a perfect template for your SharePoint plan. Now you can prepare to deploy it. Here is how you can visualize the deployment.

  • Start with creating your migration roadmap. Export the inventory to be migrated using PowerShell. Alternatively, this can be done using a CSV file as well. 
  • Add all the content in the newly created SharePoint list. You can even create a custom view for the benefit of migration managers. 
  • Prioritize your tasks based on who is doing what tasks. You might want to use a points system to assign priorities. This could help you identify people who are going to be affected the most and make the process more seamless.

The importance of a plan for SharePoint migration cannot be stressed enough. Sometimes, it is better to outsource to migration projects to SharePoint experts are also Microsoft CSPs. Some of them can provide competitive Azure Windows Virtual Desktop pricingalong with other cloud services so that your transition to cloud services is complete.