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All six members of the current cinematic Justice League

FILM REVIEW: Justice League

SPOILERS, so many SPOILERS! Read at your own risk. Why didn’t Justice League do better? The film is fun. It’s everything our five year old selves would have wanted minus the whole Superman being dead and having to be resurrected like a space Frankenstein. However, that does make a nice excuse to have the six

Diversity Aboveground

The Doctor

Diversity Aboveground: White Male Allies Needed

White male allies have started to feel what minorities have felt all their lives. They aren’t the star of every film anymore. Sometimes, they’re basically just there to be the villain. It’s great for minorities to see themselves on the screen. Sometimes, it’s fun to read the complaints over Twitter about the new leads in

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The Protagonist

Diversity Aboveground; Black Widow: Forever Red

In the last few years, Marvel has published several books written for the Young Adult market. The latest release is Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl. With the popularity of Black Widow and the way she’s been turned into a rallying cry for how female superheroes are treated, how is her portrayal? Does it

Marketing Wave For ‘Suicide Squad’ Begins With Empire Covers

Empire is looking to rollout special collectors covers for the upcoming release of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, which is expected to include a bulk of the cast. They’ve also included new shots from the film, the marketing campaign to me is gathering a bit more steam than what’s been released for Batman v Superman. Currently, we

‘Punisher’ and ‘Arrow’ Director Lexi Alexander Expresses Interest In Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’

There’s been some “chatter” on certain sites that Marvel is considering scrapping or removing Iron Fist from their Netflix lineup leading up to the Defenders. A bit farfetched considering that the series was announced alongside Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage series during the original announcement, a series contract with Netflix being prearranged would be

Ian McShane Returns To The Continental Hotel For ‘John Wick 2’

Hollywood Reporter has learned of our first returning supporting cast member for John Wick 2, as Ian McShane is set to reprise his role of Winston from the first film. His character owns/runs the Continental the Manhattan hotel for assassins. We also just learned from a previous report that Common is set to play a villainous

Dan Stevens Joins Anne Hathaway In Monster Flick ‘Colossal’

Variety reports that Dan Stevens (The Guest, Beauty and The Beast) has joined the Korean set giant monster movie Colossal, which already stars Anne Hathaway (Dark Knight Rises). Production is currently underway in Vancouver with Spanish writer-director Nacho Vigalando (Timecrimes) heading it up. A woman who moves back to her hometown after losing her job and boyfriend