Stationery Items You Need in Your Office

Stationery Items You Need in Your Office

No office is complete without a few essential stationery items, no matter how digitally focused all of our workplaces are becoming. The right curated collection of tools is going to make life so much easier for everyone at your office. Here’s exactly what you need to properly kit your office out with stationery…

Pencils, Rubbers, Sharpeners

A basic one, but not unimportant by any means. Pencils are a core element of any stationery kit, look for a good collection of HB models to be prepared for anything. Of course, where there’s pencil there must be sharpeners and erasers.


For a smooth, professional page of notes, eloquent letter or comprehensive business proposal, you’re going to need a few high-quality pens around the office. A small collection of Australian fountain pens is the best way to achieve the luxurious effect that you need in a professional environment! These are great to invest in as they’re a pleasure to write with and they’ll last forever.

Stapler and Staples

A secured presentation, project or proposal is likely an aspect of your daily grind, and you need a sufficient means of putting it all together. A stapler will bring some order to your documents and ensure that everything is sitting just right for any meetings or presentations. Keep a stash of staplers in a drawer at all times, it’s so annoying finding an empty stapler when you need to attach something.

Clear Folders

Clear folders are a nice professional touch to all documents and files. This is especially important if your company does keep a filing cabinet or use papers for a lot of proposals – there’s nothing less put together looking than a crumpled sheet of loose paper.

Paper and Envelopes

Yes, paper seems like a bit of a novel relic nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not welcome in an office environment! Letters, memos, presentations, resumes – you name it, you can print it. You never know when you’ll need to, so stock up on A4 paper and suitable envelopes, just in case.


Scribbling down minutes during a meeting, notes on a phone or skype call and just musings or ideas throughout the day are all very important for productivity. Having a notepad on your desk will come in handy every day and will tear your eyes away from your screen for at least a minute or two.

Pen Pots

You’re going to need a nice neat spot to keep all your pens and pencils in, right? And no, the bottom drawer of your desk doesn’t count. A stylish pen pot will keep everything net and tidy, just as it needs to be in a productive office.


Organisation and order are essential for a document-heavy workplace. If you find yourself rifling through endless sheets of paper, then put paperclips on your stationery shopping list. These are also a good alternative to staplers.


Straight lines are important on documents, presentations or on designs (if you’re in a creative workplace). A ruler or two will keep everything on the straight and narrow!


You never know when you’re going to need a pair of scissors, set yourself up for anything by having at least one lying around – you’ll thank yourself down the line.


Pulling out key information from files is very necessary for streamlining your work, highlighters are the easiest way to do that! Everyone should have one at their desk.

There you have it, every piece of stationery you could possibly need to thrive in an office environment!