3 Reasons Why You Should Include Micro Moments in Your Sales Funnel

3 Reasons Why You Should Include Micro Moments in Your Sales Funnel

Planning a sales funnel is widely known as one of the key factors for every company success. When planning a sales funnel, it become obvious to include all the regular stuff such as: Audience location, interests, industry targeting, and age. However, nowadays it might not be enough and that’s where you should put a close attention to micro moments.

Being regularly planned for closing and onboarding customers from initial interaction to final purchase sales funnels should be looked differently now. Customers have more options and are more tech savvies in compare to previous years. Technology is taking the world in storm and businesses of all size should adopt the micro moments affect in their sales funnel.

Using micro moments to wow your customers is the new approach to make successful sales funnels and all at once to wow your customers with new and improved customer experiences.

What are micro moments? And how it can help you generate more sales?

Micro moments are the exact moments when your potential or existing customers are looking for something specific online or at your website or app and are immediately receive relevant information while searching that will eventually help them to take a decision to purchase or sign up for your service or product.

It’s very important to track and monitor these exact moments (Micro Moments) and suggest them as an integral part of the business sales funnel, as it will, for the long-term increase sales and will reflect the business in a brighter light for its customers.

Impact on customer journey in sales funnel

People like brands that understand their needs and can guide them through every step of their journey when buying a product or signing up for any service. Providing with a complete and thoughtful digital experience that is relevant, fast and efficient to your consumers needs in these exact moments when they need it the most will help in acquiring new prospects and engage more customers. To stay on top, it is highly important to examine the types of queries that your customers are asking in their searches and create content and videos that answers their questions in the most suitable way.

Another key factor is being fast and responsive through all digital platforms. The purchasing process should be easy and secure. It should be so easy that even your grandmother which has no smartphone can make a purchase seamlessly.

Being able to serve customers through all platforms and devices should be a “default” in terms of business perspective.

Here are 3 main reasons on why you should include micro moments in you sales funnel:

  • Micro Moments are simply what customers are looking for in live! Being able to show guides, answers or cart recommendations to customers exactly when they need it the most, (searching online) it’s the new approach for selling more and in a completely different way.
  • Micro Moments its exactly what customers are looking for nowadays. If your competitors are doing that why wouldn’t you do that too?! With the world shifting into a more technological solutions customers become more tech driven and therefore looking for useful recommendations to help them get what they need and as fast as possible.
  • A new way to generate more sales with less hassle! When using micro moments properly through the customer journey and implement it accordingly as an integral part of the sales funnel it is a completely new approach for generating more sales without using any traditional ways such as: email marketing, phone calls, ad campaigns etc. It just creates a flawless customer experience at all levels.


We all don’t like changes. Especially when it comes to big things like our company sales funnel. Thinking of reshaping the entire funnel and customer experience is a herculean task but if it can lead for an improved sales generation and creating a better and more updated method of nurturing and selling why not giving it a try?