4 Benefits of Customized Lapel Pins for Business

Enamel pin badges are contemporary items that are durable and can be worn on just about any article of clothing.

The materials are baked either hard or soft, and the flat surface can be designed to display a brand name, logo or words. Custom enamel pins are also called lapel pins as they are usually worn on jackets.

Here are 4 reasons why pins are good for your business.

Brand Promotion

Pin badges can be worn by employees and partners to promote the brand and the company. As they go about their day in and out of the office or by interacting with partners and third party affiliates, visibility is increased and spreads.


Working for a huge company gives employees a sense of belonging and prestige. Merchandise such as custom challenge coins, mugs, shirts and jackets can provide staff unity and give them an item that identifies them working for a popular brand.

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Badges and pins are useful when your employees are attending an event or conference. This plays with establishing brand recognition and putting your best employees into the limelight. Pins can provide a positive impact and exposure even as they go about and talk to other people.


Due to its highly customizable nature enamel pin badges can be used as a recognition piece to acknowledge your employees’ achievements. This can boost morale and productivity at the same time.

Some of the most common recognition events include brand anniversary, employee of the year, completion of a major project and more. It’s also a cost-effective way to instill a sense of loyalty and pride, make them happy and encourage your employees to give it their best.