4 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Own a High Tech Murphy Bed

4 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Own a High Tech Murphy Bed

The average house is getting smaller, and as such essential furniture like the dinner table, couch and bed are designed with space-saving features in mind.

The Murphy bed is an excellent fixture not just in tiny houses, but in condos and apartments as well. It’s chic, stylish and gives you the following:

Complete Customization Options

A high-tech Murphy bed for sale can be outfitted with various customization options that make it a one-of-a-kind bed you can call your own.

For instance, you can choose from a number of wood finishes, add lighting for reading purposes, get closed or open storage and avail of a double or queen size murphy bed or single wall beds.

The Murphy bed you create will fit right in and cater to your every need.

The Same Level of Comfort as a Traditional Bed

Wall bed mattresses are not inferior to traditional bedding options. It has the same high-quality coil that’s comfortable and conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Murphy bed nyc brings sophistication and convenience to homeowners and guests alike. Instead of sleeping on a lumpy couch or setting up a floor cot or air mattress, you can just pull the murphy bed as an instant sleeping medium.

Space Saving

In limited living spaces where there’s only room for the bare necessities, a murphy bed with desk and shelve can prove to be invaluable. It uses vertical space and leaves room for other things- you can put it up during the day and lay out portable gym equipment or a yoga mat, for example.

Adds to the Decor

When folded up, a murphy bed can be made to blend with the room, your walls or even the furniture you have. Expert designers can make turn a wall unit for sale into a crafted cabinet as a multi-purpose fixture so you’ll have a bed to sleep in during the night, and clothes or things you can store during the day.