4 Pointers to Level Up your Gaming Skills

4 Pointers to Level Up your Gaming Skills

Mobile games are largely perceived as casual, but when you’re aiming to get to the top you’ll eventually face off against tough competition.

Here are 4 pointers on how you can level up your mobile gaming skills.

Upgrade to a New Phone

If you’re constantly experiencing slowdowns, freezing and graphical stuttering then that could mean your phone is struggling to churn out the pixels. For hardware issues, the problem can be fixed by upgrading to a new device.

Gaming phones are a dime a dozen, and you should be able to find a capable one regardless of budget.

Remove All Distractions

The last thing you’ll want while playing your favorite game on WM Casino is a pop-up or notification from another app. So, before you actually fire up the game you’ll want to set your device to DND mode.

DND is short for Do Not Disturb, which effectively removes all of those pop-ups and alerts for the time being. Also, you’ll want to remove unnecessary background apps and features you won’t need.

Use a Physical Controller

Professional gamers prefer the use of physical controllers not just because it looks cool- the tactile feedback makes you react better and win more games.

You can invest in a compatible controller for your smartphone or tablet and customize it so you have an edge over other players. Brands such as Razer, Sony and Microsoft are all good options.

Don’t Forget the Sound

Sound is just as important as graphics- there are cues that tell you you’re getting hit in Fortnite, for example.

You don’t have to invest too much in audio accessories- any wired or wireless earphones or headphones should be fine. On the other hand, you can splurge in a branded headphones and features that can give you an edge, such as surround sound and the latest Bluetooth technology.