4 Qualities to Look For When Hiring a Remote Team

4 Qualities to Look For When Hiring a Remote Team

In 2020, the world shifted to remote living. Doctor’s appointments turned into video calls and schools went online. Remote working took over as going into the office was no longer an option. But this remote lifestyle has changed the world as we know it. Businesses found that their employees work much more efficiently at home than in the office and are now giving people the option to work from home indefinitely.

But hiring remote employees is one thing that has proven difficult in this change to remote working. We’re used to bringing people in for interviews and being able to assess someone face to face. But remote working doesn’t give you that option. You need to search, interview, and onboard employees completely online and it comes with a wave of newfound hiring challenges. Hiring remote employees can definitely be difficult, so here are 4 qualities to look for when hiring a remote team:

1. Self-Starters

Working remotely means ultimately having the say of when to work. When you work in an office, you’re surrounded by other productive, hard-working employees. But when you work from home, it’s just you and your lone self. And so, you want to look for people who are self-starters when hiring a remote team. A self-starter will get the job done and you can feel confident that they will stay on top of their work, even though you aren’t actually there to oversee them. However, it is useful to use an office management tool with remote working so that you can keep track of your employees progress.

2. Honesty

Since you will likely never meet your remote team, you won’t get the chance to see how they act face to face. It’s a lot easier to put on a facade and act a different way through a screen, so it’s important to look for honesty with your employees. A good way you can verify someone’s honesty is through a background check. An employment history check is crucial so that you can be positive that your employee is who they say they are and that their experience checks out.

3. Motivated

Since with remote working, you don’t get the added benefit of walking into an office and working side by side with other employees, it is imperative that your remote team is motivated. It is easy to slack off when working from home, but you don’t want to hire someone that is going to make a habit out of that. While it is important to encourage your employees as they work, you should also look for individuals who are intrinsically motivated so you know they will get the job done.

4. Adaptability

Arguably one of the most important traits of a remote worker is their ability to adapt. Working from home is a lot different from working in the office! It comes with its own challenges and obstacles, and you want to build a team of individuals who are able to pivot and adapt to these changes. You don’t want to hire anyone who will fold at the first sign of difficulty; instead, look for people who are able to adapt seamlessly into a new environment. Remote working means having to learn new tools and technology, so make sure you hire a team who you’re confident can do so.

While hiring a remote team for your business might be a new challenge, it’s a challenge you should feel confident that you will accomplish. With enough time and dedication, you will find the perfect team of employees who you can be sure will get the job done, all while working from home.