4 Quick-Start Online Games to Try

4 Quick-Start Online Games to Try

Need a break from work but don’t want to invest too much time to learn a video game? You’re in luck- there are several genres that allow you to enjoy as soon as you load them up.

Here are 4 quick start online games you can try:

Casino Games

If you have a mobile phone or laptop then you can try online casino games. The ones from Casino UFA350 are easy to learn and provide hours of enjoyment.

Internet casino are just like their traditional counterparts- take a guess, roll the die and hope you get the jackpot. Some card games will require a bit of skill and strategy but if you’re lucky you can get a winning hand.

Browser Games

Today’s internet browsers are more robust than their predecessors, so much that they can run a wide variety of games.

Love to play a few minutes of retro titles? There are online emulators, as well as flash-based games and even MMOs.

The best part is that you don’t need to download or install anything else- just choose a title, let the browser handle the work and start playing!

Facebook Games

Facebook may be a social media platform first, but most users tend to dabble in social games as well. The most popular ones are Farmville, where you can grow your own fruits and vegetables, send gifts to friends and more.

Facebook games require little thinking and you can play anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour. You also won’t need to install anything.

Mobile Games

Last but not the least, your smartphone can provide endless hours of entertainment anytime you like. Just open your Play Store on Android or App Store on iPhone and choose the most popular ones.

Most mobile games are pick up and play, which means you can dive right in and have fun.