4 social mobile gaming trends of 2021

4 social mobile gaming trends of 2021

2020 saw the rise of social mobile games due to the ongoing pandemic. This year, the trend is expected to continue as people are advised to stay indoors.

Spectator Gaming To Rise at an All-Time High

There’s a certain appeal to sitting back, relaxing and watching other people play games. This is why video platforms such as YouTube and Twitch have risen to immense heights over the last few years.

Spectator sport is enjoyable because it doesn’t require an investment- you won’t have to buy the latest console or spend a dozen hours or so to finish a game.

As people are forced to stay in their homes, the number of spectators in social mobile games will rise. In the same vein, e-tournaments will become commonplace and will be broadcast online.

Traditional to Online

Social games are mostly played in the same room with other people. A good example of this is casino games such as roulette, poker and bingo.

However, due to the pandemic the shift will favor online platforms. Games such as Livescore UFA350 bring enjoyment to individuals right in the comfort of their own homes.

Catering to the Millennials

Millennials hold the edge over Gen Z and others in that 40 percent of them prefer to spend their time playing social mobile games.

Developers will try to capture this segment of the market with their future games. That said, mechanics and features they like will probably take top precedent over others.

Interactive Ads

What could be more enticing than a game demo where you won’t need to download or install anything?

Interactive ads will dominate the marketing niche in social mobile gaming. Technology can make this happen and in a variety of devices, including tablets, smartphones and computers.