4 Threats to Online Gamers and How to Avoid It

4 Threats to Online Gamers and How to Avoid It

Online games are played over the internet, which means there are threats and risks you should be mindful of.

Here are 4 threats everyone should know:


Cyberbullying is when an individual insults you or mocks you openly in an unsportsmanlike conduct. This can happen in-game, usually in game worlds or outside, e.g., in private messages and sometimes social media accounts.

This threat can be neutralized by blocking the messages or reporting it either to the admin or the platform’s authority.


Cheating is when a player does something outside the rules, giving him or her an unfair advantage over the competition. This can happen on almost all genres, from RPGs to first person shooters and even casino games.

It’s easy to spot cheating- when you chance upon it, the best thing you can do is report it straight to the game moderator.


Phishing is an elaborate attempt to try and acquire valuable data, such as user name and passwords. Most of them involve a ‘bait’ or something that will pique your interest and encourage you to perform an action that may compromise your gaming account.

The best way to avoid phishing is to follow the adage, ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.’ This means that you shouldn’t accept or click on any links while playing LIVE22, for instance.

Mobile Phone and Computer Virus

Hackers usually target computers and smartphones in order to try to get personal and financial data. They will have programs and apps that seem harmless enough, but once you install it then all your device data will be captured.

To mitigate this threat, install antivirus programs and anti-malware apps so you can play online safely. Only install games that come from the official website, and do a scan every now and then to eliminate harmful apps that are already in your smartphone.