4 Ways Students can Benefit from Digital Note Taking

4 Ways Students can Benefit from Digital Note Taking

The default note-taking medium in most classrooms is the traditional pen and paper, but we’re moving to a digital age where apps could prove to be as useful (if not more so).

Here are four benefits of students using note-taking apps in school.

It’s Saved in the Cloud

Students can use a Notebook like Note Daily and have it saved across their tablets or smartphones. The fact that it’s saved in the cloud gives it the edge over traditional notebooks.

You can use any device to take notes, then access it on another. You won’t have to worry about leaving your notebook somewhere. Also, some apps can work as a document scanner so you can copy educational material and have it saved as a digital file.

Search is Easy

How many times did you have to flip through the pages to get to the topic or subject you want? It wastes time and puts you off-balance and out of focus.

With an app you can just search the topic you need and it will appear instantly. You become more productive and organized, and school work becomes much easier.

Collaboration is a Snap

It’s common for students to share notes, and teachers to hand out copies of lectures for supplemental learning. You can export any note or scanned document to PDF and share it with friends. With apps, collaboration is just a matter of hitting the ‘share’ button as opposed to copying hundreds of pages.

Save on Bulk

Modern schools now accept tablets and laptops as the default learning and writing medium. And why not? It’s a great tool for creating a task list, creating projects and presentations, to name a few.

Instead of having a separate notebook for every subject you can just label each note or page, then have it saved across your devices. As a side note, you won’t need a scanner because you can use your phone’s camera as a doc scanner.