5 Amazing Advances in Gaming Tech

5 Amazing Advances in Gaming Tech

Some of the things we take for granted in gaming include internet connectivity and online multiplayer. These days, having those technology is a given but they were entirely optional before.

Here are 5 examples of advancements in game technology:

Gesture Control

Forget the old keyboard and mouse combo, or the traditional gamepad- gesture is where the future lies. Intel’s Real Sense technology is the forefront of gesture control in games. Here, a 3D camera tracks the most important ‘movements’ such as your hand, head and legs and puts them in the virtual world.


Gamers can’t get enough of graphics! Today we have 4K resolution as the norm, with VR and AR coming. Photo realistic textures, expansive game worlds and engines are making games more immersive than ever.

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Cloud Gaming

In the near future you won’t need to buy consoles and expensive hardware to get the latest games. In cloud gaming, servers stream the game right into your browser or TV- all you need is a controller and you’ll be all set.

Voice Command

Voice control in gaming opens up many innovative possibilities. Imagine being able to call up orders in-game, turn the console on or off and activate features while playing your favorite games. It’s like having Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant as your background AI and automating things that take you away from the game experience.


VR headsets such as Oculus Rift are just the beginning. As gaming hardware gets more and more powerful each year, the resolution in virtual reality get better, leading to believable worlds. Soon, you’ll be experiencing the same level of immersion as with VR games in films and TV series.​​​​​​