5 Best Dog Breeds For Rentals

Best Dog Breeds When You're A Renter

When renting an apartment or other unit, finding a property management company or landlord who accepts pets is often a top priority. If you’re an animal person, you want to go somewhere where you can keep your beloved furry friend or adopt one in the future.

It’s no surprise that dogs are the most popular pet in the United States. After all, they have unique personalities and bond well with humans.

Still, some dog breeds are better suited for a rental situation than others. If you’re trying to pick out a dog for your apartment or rental home, you’ll need to consider their temperament, energy level, and more.

Here are some dog breeds to consider.

1. Shih Tzu

This toy dog breed is a quintessential lap dog. If you’re living in an apartment or other small space, you want a dog that doesn’t need as much room to run around and one that doesn’t require ample time outdoors. While all dogs need their exercise and enrichment, Shih Tzus usually love to spend most of their time snuggling with their owners. They do require regular grooming but are pretty suited to rental living, as they tend not to be very destructive.

2. Miniature Schnauzers

Suppose you want a dog that loves you fiercely and has loads of personality. In that case, a miniature schnauzer is an excellent choice. They aren’t too small, so you won’t worry about hurting them. They are robust enough to enjoy playing outdoors but small enough to fit inside any size home or apartment. Plus, they don’t shed. So, while they do need grooming, they won’t leave behind a mess. The only downside is they do have terrier tendencies, so they are prone to barking.

3. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are intelligent and don’t shed much. So, if you have allergies or rent your space, they are an excellent choice. They’re also known to get along well with other animals and shouldn’t bark much. Your neighbors will appreciate this small, quiet, cute pup. Be aware, however, that they do need a good deal of exercise despite being a smaller breed.

4. Poodle

While many dog breeds on the list are small, poodles are a bit larger. So, if you want a bigger dog breed, they are great canines and also suitable for apartments. While they do need good exercise, they are intelligent and adaptable. They don’t bark often and tend to do well with kids. There’s a reason poodles are so popular to mix with other dog breeds; they are all-around great dogs.

5. Greyhounds

Another bigger breed, greyhounds are slim enough to likely meet any weight limit requirements. Despite being known for their speed, greyhounds actually love to relax at home. They are quiet and easy to groom. You’ll just need to ensure they get a good walk outside daily. A greyhound is a solid choice for many individuals and families, no matter where you live.

While many dog breeds are suited for rentals if trained and groomed well, the kinds on this list are overall lower maintenance and easy to care for in a rental. Maybe one of these dogs will become your new best friend!