5 Most Productive Ways to Pass Time on the Internet

5 Most Productive Ways to Pass Time on the Internet

Have an hour to spare and want to be productive on the internet? No problem- here are 5 suggestions on how you can make this happen.

Get Money Rewards with Casino Games

Making money online ranks up there as one of the most rewarding ways to kill time. Thankfully, there’s a way to earn and have fun at the same time.

There are dozens of online casinos to choose from, but DG Casino is a trusted platform, and it pays out quickly too. You can try baccarat, poker, slots and timeless staples and hope things work out in your favor.

Learn a New Skill

Expand your horizons and learn a new and useful skill on the internet. From apps that teach you a new language to how-to platforms that show you how to plant an herb, for example in a step by step manner, there are virtually endless content for you to absorb.

Contribute to End World Hunger

There’s nothing more productive than giving someone else food, right? FreeRice.com is a perfect example of how you can contribute and spend your time helping someone.

The non-profit website will donate 10 grains of rice for every question you get right. To date, the site and its founder have already donated more than 200 billion grains to the unfortunate.

Answer a Question

Community sites such as Reddit and Quora, and social media sites such as Facebook often have people who need help. You can be productive and answer any questions they may have.

Just pick a topic and answer according to your knowledge or experience. Then, move to the next topic and do the same.

Watch an Educational Video

As long as you’re watching YouTube you might as well watch something that you can learn from. There are free documentaries and similar content you can watch online.