5 Must-Haves of an Inbound Marketing Strategy

5 Must-Haves of an Inbound Marketing Strategy

It’s a known fact that inbound marketing is better than outbound marketing campaigns.

As a consumer, we’d rather connect with a business that we’re actively seeking compared to getting cold calls, email spamming our inbox and unsolicited SMS.

Companies should invest on inbound marketing as a way to get their brand out and gain more exposure and sales. But instead of blindly going with what’s trending, you should focus on these five inbound marketing tips for better results.

1. Keep It SEO-centric

The nature of inbound marketing relies on potential customers actually being able to find your website. To this end, you will need to invest in SEO, or search engine optimization techniques. This way, your visitors can do a search and find what they need quickly.

Think about how they will search for you or your products and add them in your marketing content.

You may think that inbound marketing and PPC doesn’t mix, but you’ll be missing out on a large part of possible inbound sales. Technically speaking, PPC is a form of inbound marketing as your ads only appear to those who might be interested. When you think of it this way, then it’s somewhat organic and helps with your marketing efforts.

Instead of having to compete SEO-wise, you can invest in strategic placements so a large part of your target audience will have a chance to see what you’re offering. Research on specific keywords, then bid on them to collect high-quality leads.

3. High-Quality Content is King

As you’re aiming for traffic it’s best to have something that can entertain and help your visitors and buyers. Content isn’t just something you’d put on a website, though- it has to be good enough to convert traffic into sales. It’s in your best interests to come up with content that can solve a particular problem or answer a question your audience may have.

A blog can be your base of operations in terms of content. Every now and then, sprinkle in guides, ebooks and things that can add value to your brand. Gather customer testimonials and reviews and display them in prominent areas.

4. Market on Social Media, Too

Tap into the huge lucrative world of social media and you’ll find great success, no matter what your inbound marketing campaign is. More often than not, your audience can be found handily on the biggest social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Post content regularly on social media, and respond to queries and concerns as soon as possible. You’ll want to be seen as upbeat, friendly and always available to help out customers.

5. Invest in a Landing Page

No inbound marketing campaign is complete without a landing page that’s optimized to convert visitors into paying customers. Invest in making sure your landing page has a great design, is focused and relevant so you can get your visitors to complete the desired action, e.g., fill out a form, sign up for newsletters or clicking that ‘Buy’ button.