5 Online Games You Can Play in a Minute or Less

5 Online Games You Can Play in a Minute or Less

Not all of us have hours to spend playing videogames on our phones or computers. Still, if you want a hobby or pastime for de-stressing and relaxation purposes, check out these five games you can play in a minute or less.


A round of blackjack is simple yet intriguing enough to capture your attention for an hour. Reach as close to 21 as possible with two, three, or more cards, and hope your opponent’s number is lower than yours. You can play without risks or bet on yourself to earn extra cash.


Lotto is a national pastime in several countries, with the hope of bettors becoming millionaires with the right set of numbers. Choose a set of numbers and wait for the draw to come up the same so you can win. Today’s lotto games are broadcast on TV or announced on websites such as LOTTO16TH so you’ll know the results.

Online Betting

The term ‘online betting’ encompasses a variety of sports you can bet on, including horse races, sports games, and others. Betting depends on the elements as well, such as the final score, which team will win, or the combined scores of both teams. Putting a bet only requires a minute or so of your time.


If you’re looking for something short and fun, then online trivia games should be right up your alley. Pick a subject or category and try to answer the questions correctly. Aside from being entertaining, you can also learn a thing or two in less than a minute.

Retro Arcade

Last on the list are arcade games. They’re incredibly simple by today’s standards yet engrossing enough to be entertaining for hours. A round or quarter (on arcades) should last seconds for beginners.