5 Reasons Why Pay Per Click Advertising is Important to Your Business

5 Reasons Why Pay Per Click Advertising is Important to Your Business

While many businesses look for organic ways of increasing traffic to their websites using and implementing SEO Strategies, there are many others who would prefer the results to be faster. SEO typically takes time but PPC (Pay per click) is more effective because the tool helps brands and marketers identify and select a set of parameters that define their target market. Only such people get to see their ads on the top of the search engine result page who have used the specified keywords and fall within the identified parameters of the target market. Only when the user clicks on the ad link, the brand needs to pay the search engine for the same. Today, Google, Yahoo and Bing are the three topmost PPC search engines in the world.

  • PPC ads have been reported to bring about 50% more conversions compared to organic traffic in the virtual world.
  • Research reveals that PPC ads feature amongst the top three sources of on-page lead conversions.
  • Start-ups and small-scale businesses earn almost $3 as revenue against every $1.60 spend on Google Ads.

The above statistics and many such authentic research-related data reveal that PPC advertising is of great importance and relevance to all kinds of businesses – whether it is a small or a big business. This is why you should seriously consider budgeting for or increasing your PPC budget in the coming months:

  1. If strategized well, it is a guarantee that your brand website will feature on the topmost page of the world’s best search engines.
  2. PPC advertising helps you target a specific and precise market with designated demographics and keywords. In fact, it can be used region-specifically, device-specifically and interest-specifically. All you need to do is to identify your market well.
  3. This is one marketing tool that starts to show results almost immediately. This means that if you are looking at getting instant and immediate traffic, Pay-Per-Click is for you. The response is fast – almost within an hour of the launch of your campaign.
  4. You only pay when the ad is clicked. The cost-per-click strategy is quite client-friendly – from an allocated budget the cost of the ad is deducted every time the ad is clicked. This goes on till the time the budget is entirely depleted when you need to get it replenished. This works really well, especially with small and start-up companies that have issues with their marketing budgets and spends.
  5. PPC helps keep your marketing budget in control – this is because you can first set the budget carefully after extensive research, keep it under check and then finally decide whether to continue with campaign or modify it or tweak the budget.
  6. Guaranteed higher returns. The cost involved in PPC advertising is comparatively lesser than conventional advertising. Plus, the costs can be managed, tracked and then calculated if the returns coming in are profitable or not.

A mix of long-term SEO services with immediate result oriented PPC works best for companies helping to achieve an effective and optimized ranking for the website on major search engine page results.