5 Technologies Used in the Sports Industry

5 Technologies Used in the Sports Industry

Sports is a celebration of the human athleticism, but that doesn’t mean technology can’t play a hand in the process. In fact, new technologies are being developed to make sports fairer, safer and more exciting.

Here are 5 examples of where we can see technology used within the sports industry.

Instant Replay

Instant Replay acts as a reliable way to see what happened. It’s currently being used in sports such as rugby, the NBA, soccer and combat sports. Here, referees can turn back the clock and see what really transpired, and therefore could make fairer decisions.

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Safety is a major concern where sports is involved. Manufacturers of helmets, gear and others benefit from evolving technology to make it safer for the athletes who wear them. Hockey, auto racing and football have benefitted from these improvements, which reduce the likelihood of injuries overall.


RFIDs are often used as trackers where long distance races are involved. For example, a marathon runner may be equipped with one so event organizers and broadcasting companies can determine who finished first, second, etc. This eliminates human error and is quite useful for determining the rightful winner.

Timing Systems

Timing systems have gone from manual tools to being fully automated. Racing events now use photography and laser beams to check and see who won in a neck-and-neck race, for instance. Like RFIDs, timing systems eliminate inconsistency and the lag between the firing of a gun to the moment the participants begin their run.

Sensor Tools

Sensors can carry out a certain capacity that the human eye cannot do. In cricket, Hawk Eye technology can determine if the ball made contact with the bat before being caught. In tennis, there are various sensors that utilize laser to see if the ball went out of bounds or not.