5 Things You Need to Do When You Get Married

5 Things You Need to Do When You Get Married

You had a dream wedding and a magical honeymoon. After months of planning, you can finally focus on enjoying everyday life with your partner. While that would be ideal, you usually have a little more work to do after getting married. Before you settle into wedded bliss, there are a few things to tick off your to-do list. From writing thank-you notes to buying a life insurance policy — you still have a few more tasks.

You may not think it’s essential to get to these tasks crossed off your to-do list. After all, you’re going to spend your entire life together with your partner, so what’s the hurry? Some couples don’t account for emergencies, accidents, and unforeseen expenses. You can’t predict the future. So, it’s best to safeguard yourself — and your marriage — from unexpected events. Here are some of the things every couple should do after their wedding.

Sort through your gifts.

No one likes homework after their wedding, but this task is important. Don’t let your gifts pile up in a corner till its too late to send thank-you notes. No, a text message isn’t good enough — even for close family members. You can divide the list up, or write the cards and letters together.

Also, make a list of all the gifts you received and return doubles. If you have a registry, this will be a pretty easy task. If not, sort through the list carefully so you don’t make any faux pas. For example, don’t try to return a customized gift or something from a store that doesn’t allow returns. Remember to do this within a few months, so you don’t miss any return policy deadlines.

Merge or get a life insurance policy.

Insurance is probably the furthest thing on your mind. However, life insurance should be one of the first things you get as a couple. After all, you want to ensure that your loved one is well-protected in any and every situation. If you already have life insurance, consider updating or changing it. Check the cash value, insurance benefits, and privacy policy. Find out whether other life insurers offer lower premiums or better death benefits.

Some types of life insurance give married couples more insurance benefits than others. One of the most common types is term life insurance. It’s valid for a particular amount of time. Another type of life insurance is whole life insurance. Life insurance is a common type of permanent life insurance. Instead of term coverage, you get lifetime coverage. The advantage is that it lasts your whole life, and your spouse gets better cash value and death benefits.

Of course, there are other varieties of life insurance to pick from too. Ask an insurance company if joint life insurance offers good financial security. Find out about group life insurance and universal life insurance. Remember, it’s best for both spouses to have life insurance coverage. It can be tough to pick the right one from all the options available. To compare life insurance options for couples, visit iSelect. This way, you know you’re getting the most insurance benefits from the policy you choose.

Plan some fun activities.

Plan some fun activities

While it may not sound as important as financial security, planning for fun is also essential. You can find yourselves in a rut with daily chores and mundane routines. Don’t stop trying to impress your partner after your wedding. To keep your marriage healthy, plan exciting activities, and fun date nights. And, start to prepare for this immediately after the wedding.

Since routine will set in, set aside one night a week to spend time together as a couple. If you do this your entire life, you’ll never lose the spark. Keep things in the bedroom exciting too. Instead of lounging in sweats, occasionally throw on some flirty lingerie. Or, surprise your spouse by buying them women’s lingerie — yes, even when there’s no occasion. Surprise gifts, dinner-and-drinks nights with friends — it will help keep your marriage fresh.

Start to merge your lives.

Start to merge your lives

You’re ready to spend your whole life with your spouse. However, you haven’t unpacked your boxes, and your wedding gown is still in your closet. Taking care of all the small tasks now will keep them from hanging over you through your marriage.

If you want to change your name, do it sooner rather than later. You will have to update several documents, and it’s best to have this out of the way early. It’s also the right time to update your personal information on social media sites. If you’re keeping your name, consider other things. Put your wedding album together, and start organizing your living space. Even something as small as a joint nameplate for your door can make you feel more like a couple.

Think about your finances.


It can be hard for couples to have the money talk. However, it’s essential to do this as soon as possible. After all, your spouse is someone you want to be with forever. It would help if you discussed this before your wedding so you can merge your money after. Also, think about things like taxable income and the benefits of filing taxes as a couple. Some couples choose not to share their money. However, you can still have a joint bank account. You can both add the same amount of money to it every month. It can make joint expenses a more straightforward process.