5 Ways to Make Money Playing Games from Home

5 Ways to Make Money Playing Games from Home

Combining two of the things you like, particularly playing games and making money can seem like an impossible task but with the help of technology it can definitely be done.

Here are 5 ways to make money by playing online games at home.

Try Online Casino Games

You won’t need to dress up and go to the nearest casino establishment to play your favorite games. Today, you can just use your smartphone and go to บาคาร่า SA Gaming to get your fix.

Win and you get more than the money you put in. If you’re lucky you can even hit the jackpot.

Go Pro

If you’re confident about your gaming skills then you can go pro. Being a professional means you can get an endorsement, a monthly income, join a team or win a tournament. All of them can bring in the money.

Play Games for Points

There are platforms and websites that reward you points whenever you play a game or complete a survey, among others. Accumulate enough points and you can exchange it for a PayPal deposit or a gift card on Amazon.

Become a Gaming Consultant

Technically speaking, you won’t be playing games, but you’ll be helping your fellow gamers with tips you’ve learned and how to win at online shooters, for example.

Companies that hire game consultants usually pay per hour. The best part is that you can play at the comfort of your own home!

Stream on YouTube or Twitch

YouTube and Twitch are two of the biggest and most popular streaming platforms around. Twitch is a dedicated site that caters to those who want to be entertained by someone who’s playing a game.

Monetization is simple- get enough people to watch and YouTube will pay you for it. Twitch has a donation-based system as well as tip system, so you may want to look into it as well.