7 Essential Qualities to Look for When Hiring Drivers

7 Essential Qualities to Look for When Hiring Drivers

Hiring the right people is an absolute must when you run your own business, but there’s, even more, to consider when you’re hiring drivers. The professionalism of couriers, chauffeurs, delivery drivers, and commercial drivers has a significant impact on the reputation of the companies they work for. The people you choose must be suitable for the job in every way. Here are some essential qualities to watch out for.

1. Reliability and Trustworthiness

With more and more consumers shopping online, the ability to get critical products delivered promptly is a must. Good candidates for driving positions are stainlessly reliable for that reason. They can be counted on to show up when expected and stay on schedule when working their way through their routes. Look for standup people you feel comfortable trusting with your customers’ experiences and your company’s public image in general.

2. Good Driving Record

When it comes to potential driving hires, someone’s history isn’t just important. A clean driving record is a must. You don’t want someone with unsafe driving habits chauffeuring your clients around, delivering your products, or otherwise providing services for your company. Make sure you’re running extensive background checks on potential candidates, as well as investing in a professional MVR check for employers before finalizing a hire. Safe drivers with spotless records are always your best bet.

3. Friendly Personality

A driver may not require the panache and charisma you’d want in a salesperson or a company spokesperson, but they still need a likable personality and good people skills. A standard delivery driver may only spend a few seconds with a customer when dropping off a package, but a smile and a friendly demeanor still count for a lot. And, of course, employees like chauffeurs need to be even more personable, as they’ll be interacting with your clients over a prolonged period. You want people on the job with friendly, open personalities that put people at ease.

4. Professional Appearance

Even if your drivers spend little time interacting with your clients and customers, appearances still matter. This is especially the case when hiring people who will be handling food, medications, and similar products. Your customers want to feel confident that their goods have been managed hygienically and safely every step of the way, and a clean-cut delivery driver helps put their minds at ease. A driver who cares about his appearance is more likely to care about doing an excellent job in other ways, as well.

5. Communication Skills

The ability to communicate clearly and professionally is essential for any employee, and drivers are no exception. You want people behind the wheel who are articulate and capable of making a positive impression on clients when interacting. They should also be good at figuring out when extra communication might be warranted. Drivers with excellent communication skills also tend to be more proactive about making employers and colleagues aware of any issues or critical information, so they’re easier to work with on many levels.

6. Mechanical Know-How

Every driver on your team doesn’t necessarily need to have a degree in mechanics, but it’s well worth hiring people who know their way around a vehicle. They should be capable of operating one in a way that preserves its integrity. They should also be knowledgeable enough to tell when there might be a problem with the vehicle they’re driving. That’s crucial for catching issues with company vehicles before they have a chance to lead to costly repairs or safety problems.

7. Sharp Senses

Although drivers do need to pass basic aptitude tests to get a driver’s license in the first place, it’s still a good idea to administer your own tests to make sure someone’s vision and hearing are up to snuff before hiring. Potential driving hires should also appear alert and be free of any health issues that could impede their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.

During the hiring process, a little diligence could save you a lot of headaches later on down the line. Great commercial drivers are drivers that cover all the bases, both personally and professionally, so it’s worth taking the time to find the right people. You’re sure to be glad you did.