7 Games to Enjoy During Your Virtual Hangout

7 Games to Enjoy During Your Virtual Hangout

The ongoing pandemic may have put a damper on your weekly game night ritual, but there’s no rule saying you can’t have fun with friends while hanging out online.

Try these 7 games the next time you hold a Zoom party with friends:


A classic board game that has made its way in virtual and apps, Monopoly pits you against other participants in an effort to have as much money as possible and running others into bankruptcy.

It’s a simple board game that has a few hard rules. However, since it’s a popular game almost everyone can jump right in without needing a tutorial. It’s also pretty long but a great game if you have an hour or more worth of free time.


Bingo is a super relaxing game that promotes socializing with friends. It’s slow-paced and allows for player interaction because you won’t need to pay full attention to it.

There are plenty of sites that host bingo games, and here’s a quick guide if you want to play on bingo sites not on gamstop. Number calling and generation is already done for you.


Traditional casinos may be closed for now, but you and your friends can enjoy them anytime whenever you’re on a virtual meet.

You can check out some of the best casino sites on Justuk.club, then click the link to go straight to the preferred platform. Load up for a night out in virtual Vegas and forget about the lockdown.


Yet another game that’s known and loved by all, UNO! is very easy to understand. But beneath that there are layers upon layers of strategy to discover.

A round of UNO! can be as quick as five minutes and as long as thirty minutes, depending on the cards and number of players. There are many apps and sites that allow you and your friends to meet up and play for free.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity may be relatively new compared to the timeless classics mentioned above, but it offers hours of fun nevertheless.

You may need to spend a few minutes to brush up on the game’s mechanics but then it will be seamless afterwards. There are apps that allow you to play with others and websites that have variations of the game.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart on your smartphone or tablet? It’s true! You won’t need to own a Nintendo handheld or console as it’s free to download and play on iOS and Android.

You will need to create a Nintendo account, though. But after that you and up to 7 friends can duke it out in a fun and colorful kart race.

Facebook Games

Last but not least, there’s social media games. The one Facebook has is a worthy mention as it has a dozen or so games available to try with friends. Plus, there’s no install required since they run on a browser.

Depending on the game, you compete for the highest score, run out of lives, cards or money. Try these 7 games on your next virtual hangout and it’ll be a huge success!