9 Easy Tips to Help You Set Up Your Game Room

9 Easy Tips to Help You Set Up Your Game Room

How often do you wish you had a game room with a host of entertainment options to keep yourself or the kids occupied? Do you have an empty room, basement or attic that has become a storage place for the stuff you don’t really need?

It may be time to clear that space and make your dream of a fun recreational area a reality. Whether you’re going to search online for a few pinball machines for sale or simply turn the space into a makeshift movie theatre, it’s time to get started.

Easy Pointers to Switch Wasted Space to Fun Space

Do your kids turn your living room upside down when they want to watch movies or play board games? It may be time to create a custom recreational space elsewhere. Keep reading for some tips on how you can turn wasted space into a more fun space.

1.     Create a Versatile Room

A place where you can only watch movies, or only play board games might get a bit tedious after a while. What you want to do is create a room that accommodates a host of different activities. Additionally, you want a space that caters for the whole family.

List everyone’s favourite games and look at the space you have. Where possible, use tables that can serve more than one purpose, so you’ll need less furniture and equipment. Also look for tables that can be folded up and stored against the wall to make space for a movie night camp-out.

2.     Invest in Floating Shelves

If you’re a board game fanatic, chances are you have a ton of them, taking up space in a cupboard somewhere. Adding a cupboard to your game room might take up floor space that you could better utilise. This is especially the case if your room isn’t big to begin with.

Floating shelves are a nifty way to free up floor space. To maintain an organised game room, place games and their accessories in labelled baskets or plastic containers. Make it a rule that everything is to be packed away after each session to ensure pieces don’t get lost!

3.     Create a Game Room Feel

Game rooms are supposed to be relaxing. That means the furnishings should be comfortable and casual. Opt for bean bag chairs rather than couches or formal chairs. Choose décor that enhances your game room vibe.

If you’re in a home full of sports fanatics, a good idea would be to decorate the walls with sports memorabilia. This would include:

  • Sports shirts framed in shadow boxes
  • Framed signed posters, cards or tickets
  • Flags, balls, bats and other team gear replicas

4.     Add a Pool Table

If more than one person in the family dynamic enjoys a good game of pool, it might be a practical option to look for pool tables for sale. If you have the space. Pool is timeless and is fun for all ages.

Some pool tables have tabletops that can be converted into regular tables which would allow you to use the table for poker, board games or even jigsaw puzzle building.

5.     Add the Right Lighting

Where possible use natural light for daytime activities. For nighttime gaming or movie sessions, choose lighting that enhances the gaming ambience. This is also important for any computer games as you would want to keep screen glare to a minimum.

6.     Choose Bold Colours

Since you’re not redecorating your living room, there’s no need to keep your décor neutral and grown up. Have fun with bold colours. Pick colours that match your theme as well as the types of games your family like to play. When you think of your game room colour, think of a giant Rubix cube with bright and bold options.

7.     Create a Movie Theatre

What’s a game room without a movie station? To save space, mount the TV on the wall and use oversized pillows or bean chairs to create seating. Mount a floating shelf or two next to or under the TV to stack DVDs or portable movie hard drives. If they have a designated space, the room will stay organised!

8.     Invest in Comfortable Gaming Chairs

If your family prefers computer games to board games, invest in gaming chairs to add to their consoles. Since most gamers spend hours playing games, an ergonomic chair will be ideal to prevent back and neck aches. Many gaming chairs also have speakers, interactive vibrations and even cup holders! So comfort and functionality will be sorted!

9.     Include a Bar Fridge

Having a mini or bar fridge in your gaming room will mean no one has to miss 10 minutes of the movie because of doing a drink run to the kitchen! Fill the fridge with your family’s favourite drinks and snacks.

Final Thought

Setting up a family game room is the best family project to consider! All it takes is a little imagination combined with a dash of creativity and you’re good to go. Creating a space where the whole family can relax, have fun and be together will also go a long way toward creating quality family time!