9 Interesting Facts About FedEx Drivers

9 Interesting Facts About FedEx Drivers

Many small businesses focus their energy on FedEx. More and more people are choosing to run routes for the package delivery giant as a third-party contractor.

If you’re thinking about investing in such an entity, you may want to learn more about what FedEx drivers do – and don’t do – on their day-to-day rounds. Check out the following nine facts about experienced FedEx drivers.

Drivers Get Paid NOT To Break Stuff!

If you plan to run a FedEx route in your company, it’s good to know how the drivers get paid. As you probably can figure out, not breaking the items you’re moving is essential in the package delivery business!

That’s why many FedEx contracting companies pay monthly bonuses to drivers who get packages delivered safely. The fewer complaints the driver receives about damaged goods or misdelivered packages, the higher his or her compensation.

The driver who gets through a month with no damage reports receives the most money.

They Don’t Go Inside Homes

FedEx drivers are always on the run delivering the goods. On a typical route, several packages in a neighborhood must hit the doorstep within a specific timeframe.

That’s one reason drivers seldom, if ever, set foot in a customer’s home. This ensures they get more packages delivered in the least amount of time. That’s how the best contractors make the most money.

There’s another reason drivers don’t go inside: Most of them have no desire to. You never know who people really are inside their “castle,” and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Recycled Boxes Are Great for the Earth, But …

Everyone wants to help out the planet and leave a better place for their children and grandchildren. So many people have purchased items online during the past year’s pandemic, that more boxes are being used than ever, and recycling is up too.

But one thing to know about delivering packages is that recycled boxes don’t stand the test of time. Many FedEx drivers complain that recycled packaging falls apart more often and must be listed as damaged.

Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend, However …

Most people like dogs, but FedEx delivery drivers must deal with people’s canines all day, which can be a headache. Many drivers report they eventually encounter a biting dog if they deliver packages to enough houses.

This is an excellent concern to keep in mind if you want to run a FedEx route, because you’ll need to have your liability insurance paid up if someone gets hurt on the job.

Drivers Get Tons of Training

Delivery drivers ought to receive plenty of training, whether they work at UPS or FedEx, or for some other firm. Certain delivery companies instruct drivers about how fast to walk to get the optimum number of packages delivered in a day!

Of course, there also is plenty of attention given to ensuring packages are delivered safely, not breaking traffic laws, and so on.

It Helps to Be Strong

Many drivers for delivery companies have to load their trucks, and some days, they might need to load more than one vanload! On top of that, busy drivers may have to drop up to 500 or 700 packages in a single day.

However many, the driver has to move all those packages from the truck to the front door. This is why FedEx requires that every driver must be able to pick up a minimum of 75 pounds without assistance.

Newer Drivers Get The Worst Shifts

It’s common for a given FedEx driver to service the same specific neighborhood on a regular basis. But when summer commences and the temperatures climb, the most experienced drivers often take time off.

The newer drivers often tackle the work during the summer months. That’s because the drivers with the most seniority choose to do their shifts during other parts of the year.

They Get Up Early and Work Late

A typical container airplane lands at 5:00 AM. Thus, most FedEx drivers are getting their trucks loaded by 6 or 6:30 and hitting the road by 8.

Many FedEx shifts can go as long as 12 hours, and that especially happens – over and over – during the holidays.

Drivers Can Skip A House

FedEx drivers are allowed to skip delivery of a package if they believe the area is unsafe. They can also decide not to leave a box on a doorstep if the person doesn’t answer the door.

There’s no question getting your company involved in a FedEx-related operation is a significant and potentially lucrative move, but the information here may help you decide if it’s the right one for you.