A Serious Injury Doesn’t Have to Slow You Down

A Serious Injury Doesn’t Have to Slow You Down

In an accident, the negligent party responsible for it is legally required to compensate the victim for their losses and injuries in a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, if you sustain a serious injury as a result of the accident, this may slow you down the process of getting your settlement claims.

However, a serious injury doesn’t have to slow you down. You can seek the help of an injury attorney to navigate your personal injury claims settlement in a stress-free manner as you recover from your injury.

Suppose you are wondering how to ensure that a serious injury doesn’t slow you down. Here are some of the tips that will help you see that no serious injury slows you down in your bid to get the financial compensation you deserve.

What Are the Factors that May Slow My Injury Claim?

When dealing with a serious injury here are some of the factors that may hold you back in your quest to get a fair settlement in time.

1. Obstruction from Defendants or Insurance Company

In many cases, the defendant in your lawsuit may be uncooperative. They may withhold their insurance details or tell outright lies concerning their involvement in the accident. Such actions may drag your lawsuit and make it take much longer than you expected it to take. Insurance companies may also be obstructive during the whole process.

Having a lawyer handling your case will help you to quickly navigate such challenges and avoid dragging the case longer than it ideally should take.

2. Need for Treatment

As a result of your serious injury, you may need multiple surgeries and extensive treatment. While you can make settlement claims before you have undergone all the required procedures and treatments by claiming future need, it may slow you down in getting your compensation since it’s easier to make the claim for the compensation after all the major treatment and surgeries have occured.

A good lawyer will help you figure out a way forward by speaking to medical experts and life planning experts to assess your damages and draft quicker health plans.

3. A Slow or Unqualified Attorney

If your case is progressing much slower than it should despite favorable conditions, it could be that your attorney is the problem. Hiring an unqualified or uncommitted attorney will have adverse effects on your case.

If this is the case with your attorney, it would be best to find a better injury attorney who will give your case the professional attention it deserves and get you speedy results.

What Can I Do to Keep Things Moving?

1. Document All the Necessary Evidence

Having clearly documented evidence to support all your claims will hasten up the process, mainly because you will not end up being pushed back and forth for evidence by the insurance company or the court.

Make sure you liaise with your attorney to know all the required documents to build an airtight case.

Without an experienced lawyer on your side, insurance companies will try to take advantage of you. They will drag out the settlement process, often by sending you to undergo numerous pointless medical tests.

Insurance companies will frustrate your efforts hoping that you will resolve for an unfair settlement rather than fight for what you rightfully deserve.

On the other hand, a seasoned lawyer is not new to these tricks and will know how to deal with scheming insurance companies.

3. Commitment

Even as your attorney does their best to secure your settlements on time, it is important to remember your part throughout the entire process. Ensure that you give your attorney ample time and that you also focus on your recovery.