AC Repair In Texas

AC Repair in Texas

Having air conditioning repair done in Texas can be a big deal.  It can range from a simple cheap filter change up to a total system replacement that will cost thousands of dollars.

The summer heat in Texas lasts for a long time. It’s not feasible to think about being without air conditioning for the entire season. Homeowners want someone who will fix it right the first time so they can be assured of a comfortable summer.  Especially in the central area, it is important to look for reputable AC repair in Mansfield TX.  Consumers don’t want to pay for a total system replacement when perhaps only the compressor motor needs replacement. 

The Dallas-Fort Worth area including Mansfield Texas boasts over 30 air conditioning repair companies.  It is important to choose a company that will do a good job and stands behind their work.  Here are some of the things to look for when choosing AC repair in Mansfield TX.  

Where is the company located?  Homeowners naturally would want to choose a company that is closer to their home.  Even though a company may advertise that they serve a wide area, the truth may be that they only visit the Mansfield area once every two weeks.  They probably have a regular route for their technicians and there may not be one assigned full time to the Mansfield area.

The location factor also comes into play when you have had a repair done and it breaks again really quickly.  Companies may not be in such a rush to come out to a faraway location if they know it is to re-do work and that they will not be reimbursed for that work.  They may put off your repair until a later time.

For these reasons, it makes sense to look for someone close to home.  It will make it easier to get the service overall.

Is the company expensive?  This is a hard one to tell upfront.  The best way is to have more than one company come out and look at the problem and give you an actual estimate.  Be sure to ask them if they will stay within 10% of their estimate.

  Start with the company that has the best reviews.  Check with the Better Business Bureau and see if there have been any complaints lodged against this company. Check the reviews on their website.   Starting with the company with Although it is easy to fake reviews on websites, it is worrisome to see a company that only has 1 star. It’s hard to tell what that means.  It may mean to just choose a different company, just to be safe.

 Start with the company with the best reputation, then get the three estimates.  If companies state different reasons for the repair – like one company says it’s the compressor motor and another company says it’s a fan motor – then it becomes more difficult.

It would be best to tell each company what the other company says and have them re-do their estimates. Their response to this request will tell you a lot about the individual company. All this extra work upfront can save you a lot of money in the end.

What kind of warranty does the company provide?  The labor warranty on an AC repair can vary widely.  The labor warranty will cover service call charges and the labor involved if a repair fails.  However, the length of time for this warranty may be very different at different companies, so this is something that a consumer needs to ask about upfront. 

If a homeowner is having a total system replacement or a new installation, the manufacturer’s warranty is typically 5 years on parts.  It only covers the cost of the parts, not the labor required to install the parts.

Some manufacturers have an option where the parts warranty can be extended to 10 years.  In order to do this, the consumer must register their new equipment when they get it installed.  Many people forget to do this, and therefore can’t get a longer warranty.  It is worth it to take care of details like this.

To cover the labor involved in the installation of the parts, most AC repair companies offer a labor repair.  That way if something goes wrong, the manufacturer pays for the parts, the labor warranty pays for the labor, and the homeowner doesn’t pay anything.  Some companies have a deductible written into their labor warranty.  This would be a company to avoid.

Sometimes things are not covered under warranties and that could give the consumer a big surprise.  For example, a dirty filter would not be covered under a parts warranty and it would not be covered under a labor warranty, so the homeowner would be stuck with the cost of that repair. 

Are the technicians licensed?  This is an important consideration.  The state of Texas requires HVAC technicians to pass a state licensure exam.  In this way, the homeowner can be assured that they are getting quality service.  Licensed technicians must

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Be a registered technician
  • Have at least 4 years working with AC, supervised by a licensed technician
  • Pass the exam

The homeowner should make sure the company that does the work only hires licensed technicians.

How long has this company been in business? It is scary to choose a company that just started up.  Although they might very well be a good company, there is just no way to judge that until they have some experience under their belt.  Homeowners need to be able to look at the company references and see that past customers have been satisfied.

Choosing a family-owned and operated company can also help to judge a company.  This sort of company may have been in business for 30 or 40 years.  In this way, the consumer can feel more confident that this business will still be around a few years from now.  Companies with a long history think twice before they pull the plug on their business.