App technology transforming online dating

App technology transforming online dating

Most single people would admit that dating can be a tricky business, particularly for anyone who has a busy lifestyle.

The arrival of online dating provided a convenient solution to the problem, allowing singles to find potential matches via desktop or mobile devices.

The companies operating in the sector have cleverly leveraged technology to their advantage, with dating apps now very much a multi-billion-dollar business.

According to recent research by Betway online casino, Tinder is the highest-rated dating app in the iOS app store by a considerable distance from its rivals.

However, there are plenty of other apps that are cornering a significant portion of the market. Read on as we look at some of our favourites.


Hinge uses machine learning technology to reduce the time users spend trying to find a potential future partner.

It uses collaborative filtering algorithms, which provide dating recommendations based on shared preferences between users.

The filtering assumes that if you liked person A you will also like person B because other users that liked A also liked B.

Research has shown that use of collaborative filtering increases the chances of finding a match, thus explaining why Hinge is proving so popular with singles.


Jigsaw’s ‘anti-superficial’ dating app could become the next big thing in the sector after securing $3.7 million in funding to support expansion in the United States.

Angel investors from the technology industry have backed Jigsaw, with their puzzle-faced approach to dating clearly finding favour with the group.

Jigsaw uses a face-shielding mechanism which is a puzzle made up of 16 pieces. Each photo has one piece removed to give a sneak peek.

More pieces are removed as matched users exchange messages, giving you time to get to know each other before the full reveal.

The League

If you’ve ever fancied trying speed-dating but are wary of the ‘live’ element, The League dating app will be right up your street.

Its League Live feature utilises video technology to allow singles to go on three dates in nine minutes with users in your area that match your set preferences.

Users are shown an ice-breaker question to kick off the conversation, and a person can ‘heart’ the other person at any time during the three minutes.

If the feeling is mutual they match officially, establishing an open chat line where they can chat further and arrange to meet in person.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel co-CEO Dawoon Kang and her co-founder sisters appeared on ‘Shark Tank’ in 2015, famously turning down Mark Cuban’s $30m offer to buy the company outright.

Their decision has been vindicated, with the intuitive dating app creating hundreds of thousands of successful relationships since it was launched.

The app’s matching algorithm runs on a deep neural network, using a blended method to rate potential matches and provide users with a converged score.

The algorithm uses information such as your interests, social circles, education levels and more, to make educated recommendations that improve your chances of finding a partner.