Are These Panasonic Massage Chairs Worth The Purchase?

Most of us go through our adult years experiencing or complaining about back or muscle pain, which in its self is completely normal as most people just do more than they should and overexert themselves. However, in our ever demanding world we just honestly can not afford to. So what is the answer to this predicament you may ask? Well for starters you should try your best to-do as much as possible in a shorter amount of time and just learn to relax and wind down. Read a book, spent time with loved ones or get a massage chair.

The great thing about massage chairs is you are able to do all the above whilst getting your muscles massaged. It is truly a wonderful experience. However, there are many chairs out there, so I will be giving some of my best recommendations possible and all of their features, benefits and disadvantages etc. they are:

The Panasonic massage chair EP-MA10KU: It is an excellent piece of hardware that helps rejuvenate all of your weary bones of all the stress of your tiring day at work or at home with family. This specific product is currently available for shopping within the United States and unfortunately can not be shipped globally however, its quality is all but guaranteed. Its dimensions are: 40 × 32.3 × 47.2 inches (1.2 m) and has a weight of 144 ponds. The chair does not come assembled however, it is not too difficult to do it, so, calling someone you know should be enough. Also, the chair comes with six rollers out of the box and also has built in rear wheels so you can easily put the chair where you want and position it just right with ease. The material that the chair uses is black synthetic leather. You are also given an illuminated remote so that you can choose your selection and control when you are done.

Another neat feature the MA10 has is that it automatically adjusts its height based on who is sitting on it which is very helpful. The MA10 comes with four preset relaxing settings each with their own intensity and work on specific different areas with different styles. The MA10 uses special ancient Chinese spinal massage techniques that work on your spine, neck and muscle circulation that help loosen Al the density in your muscles whilst simultaneously increasing the flow of your blood throughout your entire body. You can also select from five manual settings to match whatever you are feeling with different techniques such as kneading, neck shiatsu, neck knead and finally roll and tapping. There is also an air ottoman that deploys 14- airbag circulation systems for a soothing lower body massage for the legs.

As for this chair’s disadvantages is the fact color black is the only option. So there isn’t any other complaints as this a really solid product.

When purchasing this item some websites might offer a 60-day refund but most of them do not so it depends on where you purchase the item. As for the warranty it would best to contact customer support for that. As for how to contact them you could try to call their number or fill out a contact form online click here.

The second and last recommendation I have is the Panasonic EPMA70KX massage chair. You could consider this chair the more “premium” of the two as it is full of additional features not present in the previous chair. Its dimensions are 48 × 33 × 45 inches (1.14 m) and its weight is 218 pounds (98.88 kg). It is also not able to be shipped international just the United States. One of the biggest additions in this chair compared to the last one is heated massage rollers which soothe and restore tense, weary muscles back, shoulders, neck and many other parts of your body. It is has six preset programs instead of the four and also has six precision manual programs instead of the MA10’s five. The final extra feature this chair has is its air massage which deploys airbags then proceeds to concurrently massage multiple areas at once. The warranty, refund and customer support details are the same with the MA10.