Are you Using the Right Kind of Landscape Management App?

You must be exploring different ways to uplift the service standard and quality of your landscaping business so that the customer base can be expanded. In this regard, one of the technological solutions that have garnered huge popularity among landscaping companies and contractors is Landscape Management App. Such software upgrades the baseline of your business operations, and thus streamline the process and empower your team to work more effectively. To achieve the increased efficiency in your business operations, you must include a landscape management software. However, ensure that your chosen software has the following essential features, then only you will be able to achieve the desired business transformation.

Automated Scheduling:

For effective job scheduling, the service manager needs to consider different points such as:

  • How many field workers will be needed for a project?
  • What should be the requisite skills based on the project
  • Are the field workers available on a particular day or time?
  • What tools and equipment will be required for a particular project?
  • What will be the travel time to reach the job location?

Manually filtering all these parameters before scheduling a job is not just a tedious task, but also time-consuming and prone to errors. A landscape management app can automate the scheduling procedure, making it feasible for the manager to do all the filtration at a click.

Monitor Jobs in Teal-time:

Over-stretched projects affect your profitability and demean your brand name. While on one hand, the client of the on-going project won’t like the idea of delayed service, there, on the other hand, the client of the succeeding project will not be happy to buy your excuse that your resources are blocked with another project in a time-frame that has been promised to him. So, timely completion of a project within the estimated time frame is very important.

To ensure timely completion, the manager needs field visibility so that he can monitor field jobs in real-time. A landscape business management software comes with geo-tagging facilities so that field force can be tracked on the move. Besides, the field workers can submit their reports on a real-time basis, thus the manager can stay updated about the work status. Such software supports multi-level coordination among all the stakeholders involved in a project. So, beyond one-to-one communication, the stakeholders can communicate with each other as a team, so all can stay updated about the advancements or delays in the project

Reduce Turnaround time of Service Requests:

Without a streamlined process, specially designed considering the convenience of the customers, it is nearly impossible to match the customer’s expectation in regards to turn around time. The common reasons that increase the turnaround time are wrong schedules, overlapping schedules, long travel-time, dead inventory stock, field workers unavailability, etc. However, with the aid of a landscape project management software, the service manager can keep a real-time tab on all the interlinked aspects necessary for the on-time service delivery such as:

  • Log of inventory stocks
  • List of stock requirements
  • The time frame for projects
  • The budget estimates
  • The clients’ profile
  • Project details, etc.


A well-integrated and feature-loaded landscaping software is an ideal tool to effectively manage your landscape projects like landscape designing, hardscaping and lighting, irrigation, installation, maintenance, drainage, and erosion problems. If you are looking for ways that can remarkably transform your businesses, then you must consider using a landscape management app as it addresses the core challenges related to business operations.

About Author: Bhupendra Choudhary is the business head of FieldCircle.