Attacks by ransomware have been seen in Eastern Ontario


In June 2019, one of the municipalities in the Eastern Ontario region experienced a ransomware attack. This attack had caused hindrance to the services being provided by the municipality. A statement was given by the concerned people of the municipality where they had mentioned that the attack was experienced by them on Sunday.

This had come to the notice of the municipality when the computers were accessed illegally, as a result of which it was affected by ransomware. Further, this gave rise to issues related to the email system making it unusable. Not just email, other programs were also affected due to ransomware.

The Armour Administration has faced many issues due to the attack of ransomware. The employees are facing trouble as they cannot send or receive emails. The city’s services were restored after a few weeks but the email server was facing problems. The email system has to be accessed and checked by the security team for every individual. Therefore, the issue related to the email system took longer time than the other programs. The investigation is yet to be conducted for the incident and the security team believed that the hackers have not accessed the data.

Moving further, the hackers who attacked the systems in the Eastern Ontario region had demanded $7,000 and $10,000 in bitcoin. However, the demand of the hackers was refused and the recovery process was carried out by the security team.

According to the Armour Administration, several other security measures have been added so as to reduce the risk of such terrible attacks on the systems. The initiative has been taken by the Armour’s to shut-down the server during the night. Along with this, the login process has also improved and made rigorous. This may cause trouble to the users at first but to avoid such attacks, the steps have to be taken and implemented as soon as possible.