Austrian Startup Redefines Soccer Predicting with New App

Austrian Startup redefines soccer predicting with new app

Prior to this time, there weren’t many apps that provide real-time and in-depth soccer analysis for a wide range of games bordering various leagues across different nations. poses itself to bridge that gap by providing full-proof soccer analysis using state-of-the-art algorithms for soccer games from over 800 leagues and competitions across 160 nations. Overlyzer might be just about a year old but have already done well to stake a claim as one of the leading betting apps for soccer lovers globally.

Live Bet Just Gets a Lot Better

Playing live bets has become the in-thing amongst bettors over recent years. This is simply because it offers them a chance to bet on options even while the game is still ongoing. With an app like Overlyzer, bettors now get to have access to apt data analysis as regards the trajectory of a game as it is being played. What is the result of this? It helps them make more informed bets and reduce risks. Gone are those times where second-guessing was the order of the day, now bettors can back their bets from an informed perspective.

Get Real-Time Data on Unpopular Games

One of Overlyzer’s perks is not dwelling solely on top competitions alone. This app understands that there are way too many unharnessed territories when it comes to amateur competitions. So they offer real-time data on those matches too. In that case, subscribers are not just limited to top-level competitions but uncharted access to data spanning all leagues across the globe.

Ability to Sort Game Selection

Overlyzer scores another point by making the app filterable. This implies that players can personalize their game selection by sorting games using filter options according to the metrics that are most important to them. Some of the common metrics used by users to sort games are: cards, possession, shots, corner kicks, etc. By virtue of this feature, users of this app can define their game selection respective to their needs. It is also very exciting that these metrics can be saved for future purposes.

Global Backroom Team with Renowned Veterans in the Betting Field

It is a known fact that the strength of any organization/innovation strongly depends on those at the helm of affairs. Having the former Interwetten CEO, Heinz Patzelt on board adds more substance to the team and makes Overlyzer a force to reckon with. Patzelt is one man that knows his onions as far as sports analysis is concerned. With his wealth of experience in the sports betting industry, there is no doubt how impactful he’s going to be to Overlyzer. Having such a personality on board makes a strong case for Overlyzer and reinforces the reputation they are trying to build.

Wide Community to Connect to on Social Media

The company building a large audience across 40 countries within a short space of time since their inception goes to show they aren’t here to play. They have so far been able to amass a behemoth crowd forming a massive community where betting tips and all other topics that pertain to soccer betting are being discussed. In an era where social media rules the day, Overlyzer have made sure they have built a community on all social networks, and even took it a step further with a YouTube channel that further explains what they are all about. That is indeed very remarkable.

Foreseeable Tweaks and Even Better Collaborations Incoming

The fact that this company remain hell-bent on reinventing themselves tells greatly that they are here to stay. They have expressed their intentions to come up with new tweaks on the app as it pertains to navigation and algorithm in the coming weeks and months. With these new improvements, users will get to enjoy an app that’s not only easily navigable but also revolutionary with how it approaches sports analysis. The managing director, Daniel Mandl is already looking to the future and has strongly expressed intentions to make moves to form alliances with top football clubs and related bodies in due time. Apparently, there is no limit to how high Overlyzer can fly, especially considering the strides they have made in a short time.