Before You Go for Liposuction Consider the List of Dos and Don’ts 

Before You Go for Liposuction Consider the List of Dos and Don’ts 

The last decade has seen an increase in Liposuction procedures in the US. It is still getting bigger as years pass. There is a belief that liposuction is a shortcut for weight loss. Nevertheless, just like any other surgery, the procedure must not be taken lightly. It is a safe minimally invasive surgical process, but has its risks, especially for those with specific medical conditions. 

For weight loss, low calorie, and a balanced diet paired with routine aerobic exercise is the best solution. Liposuction helps to flatten the suborn bulges surrounding your upper arms, thighs, and stomach. You can call Dr. Bassin at the Tampa Liposuction Clinic to fix an appointment to consult.

If you cannot go there physically due to time limitations or some other reason, then visit their website and request for a virtual consultation. The doctor is an experienced cosmetic surgeon specializing in reducing body bulges and even transferring fat suctioned to areas that need volume for enhancing the curves. 

The doctor will tell you if you are eligible for lipo surgery based on several things like skin quality, body weight, and overall health. The candidate must be healthy without medical conditions. Pregnant women and those with blood-clotting and heart issues must stay away. The surgery can turn out to be life-threatening due to significant blood loss. 

  • People more than 18 years and with health conditions can undergo liposuction. Alternatively, those more than 45 years will experience complications and risks like infection, venous thromboembolism, and hematoma. 
  • People having a high Body Mass Index can experience issues post-operation. It is recommended that the candidate has to have a 30% BMI that relevant to average weight. Suppose 160 pounds is an average body weight suitable to you, so you will need to weigh less than 205 pounds. It is crucial to avoid blood clotting post-surgery.
  • If you smoke, then there is a risk for the development of skin infection post-surgery. Skin necrosis is fatal if not treated instantly. It is also life-threatening to the elderly, even if they seek immediate treatment. It is why surgeons suggest people cease smoking a minimum of three weeks before lipo-surgery.
  • Skin elasticity is also essential because loose skin will sag more after fat gets suctioned beneath it. Therefore, liposuction is conducted in regions having good skin elasticity. 
  • If you are too obese then the results will be uneven body shape, so doctors may not suggest liposuction.

A liposuction is a great option for complementing your healthy lifestyle but you need to be aware of its protocols. The protocols include many dos and don’ts.

Liposuction protocols – The list of necessary dos and don’ts

Do your homework on the cosmetic procedure.

Lipo is a body reshaping process, which aims to reform areas like the back, hips, arms, thighs, abdomen, face, and chest. Shedding some pounds in cosmetically crucial parts give dramatic results. Some people need to have the excess skin removed after liposuction like tummy tuck procedure.

Do follow post-surgery instructions.

After the lipo-surgery, recovery is rapid.

  • Wear compression garment as suggested to reduce the risk of swelling as well as it encourages skin healing and contraction. 
  • Start moving around in easy and short walks the moment you feel comfortable. It helps to reduce blood clot risk and even swelling. 
  • There is hardly any downtime related to your employment. Many people return to their normal activities and work within two weeks. However, you can do intense exercise after six weeks.
  • The surgeon will even offer guidance on maintaining your surgery results.

Do change to a healthy lifestyle for weight management

For maintaining the slim results, it is essential to maintain your weight. A little extra weight can create new fat cells, which get bigger and stored in untreated as well as treated areas. The mantra for healthy lifestyle management is –

  • Choose a healthy diet – Change your eating habits and swap it with veggies, fruits, whole grain, lots of protein, whole grain, and probiotics. Deny sugary beverages, processed food, trans-fat delicacies, and high carb foodstuff. 
  • Exercise – You need to keep moving after every 25 to 30 minutes, instead of using the elevator go for the stairs, park your car a little away from your workplace and walk. These are simple steps that can great changes besides your daily workout sessions. You don’t like the gym, then go walking or cycling. Choose an activity that you adore and never get tired. 
  • Other things – Meditation and hobby integration can help you get relaxed. Stress is one of the causes of weight gain as it increases the level of cortisol in your body. Cortisol forces you to binge eat. Choose activities that can help you forget the stress and keep you calm.

Take proactive lifestyle change steps before you undergo liposuction. It becomes easy to pursue the changes post-operation that can trigger a speedy recovery. 


Don’t nurture unrealistic expectation

  • Expecting to notice results on the same day is unrealistic. You will get some swelling. Besides, you get a vague view due to the compression garments. The swelling will reduce in a few days when you will need to remove the compression garments for adjustment. Remember, the skin persists to shrink around the target areas for several weeks past-surgery. 
  • Never expect liposuction to be a weight-loss tool. Its purpose is to give your body a slim, smooth, and curvy shape eliminating the unpleasant stubborn fat bulges. If there is a need to lose weight first, then work on it before you schedule a liposuction/
  • Never expect to start smoking right after the surgery as your blood needs sufficient oxygen for recovery. Smoking is bad, so quit it if possible. 
  • Never expect liposuction removes extra skin. Your body needs to have sufficient elasticity for adjusting the new shape. In case, there is extra skin, so you will need a secondary procedure like a tummy tuck. 

If you are in doubt, ask questions. Your doctor will educate you anytime about the relevant procedure’s benefits, risks, and complications. With liposuction, your body gets the contour you dreamt off, which can’t get attained through diet and exercise. However, make sure to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle to maintain your new look.