Best Entertainment Apps of 2021

Best Entertainment Apps of 2021

2021 is the year of mobile entertainment, with more and more people staying at home and preferring to consume content on their mobile phones.

Here are the 5 best entertainment apps you should try today.

Casino Games

Online casino games continue to be the preferred method of gambling for enthusiasts across the globe.

The appeal of winning a jackpot in บาคาร่า DG CASINO can serve to draw up a crowd. There’s a thrill to be had, and playing a game at the same time is very entertaining.


At this point everyone who owns a smartphone will have watched a video on YouTube. It’s the biggest video content platform, with more than a billion hours of video consumed every day.

YouTube could very well be the only video app you’ll need. It has a ton of content that ranges from funny to factual, among others. There are educational videos as well.


Gamers love to consume interactive entertainment in every way possible. Even non-gamers sometimes find it amusing to watch other people play games, which gives birth to the streaming platform Twitch.

On Twitch you’ll be able to pick any title across several genres, from retro to multiplayer and even traditional board games.


TED Talks’ slogan is ‘ideas worth spreading’ and mainly focuses on talks from industry experts and inspirational figures.

Videos and podcasts are available on the platform, and you can listen to the topics you like to become inspired and gain more knowledge.


The streaming company that started video on demand, Netflix is home to thousands of hours of content for entertainment purposes.

At the end of the day you can just sit back, relax and watch TV shows and movies you like. Watching television is a staple since time immemorial, and Netflix takes it to a whole new level.