Best Marijuana Strains For Effective Pain Management

Best Marijuana Strains For Effective Pain Management

Chronic pain is a very common long-term health problem faced by millions of people around the world. If you are one of them, you can consider getting your own medical marijuana in Oklahoma, which FDA approves for effectiveness and safety. In recent times, medical marijuana has gained popular acceptance as an effective alternative to traditional pain medication.

Not all marijuana products are legal in the USA as of now, but certain strains of the marijuana plant are hailed for their medicinal advantages. However, not all of them are considered equally effective for treating pain. Depending on the user, they might have slightly different effects on each individual.

Which Marijuana strain is the best for Managing pain?

Marijuana plants are of three kinds, namely – Cannabis indica, Cannabis Sativa, and hybrids. But finding out the specific marijuana strains for managing chronic pain remains to be discovered, and research is still underway. So, finding strain-specific marijuana recommendations for pain management can be challenging.

A survey held by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2014 with 95 participants found that the Indica strain is perhaps more effective in pain management. The study reveals that Cannabis indica was found to be effective in alleviating different types of chronic pain, including –

● Non-migraine headaches

● Joint pains

● Spasticity

● Neuropathy

However, it is essential to remember that these studies come with their limitations. It was conducted in a small group, and also marijuana was not consumed in a controlled setting. So, the results might vary, and the scope for anomaly also cannot be ruled out.

Based on anecdotal evidence, some of the most popular pain-relieving strains of marijuana available in the market are –

·         ACDC –

It is a hybrid strain that has high CBD content and low THC content. It helps in pain management without the high feel due to lower THC amounts.

.        Purple Kush –

It is an Indica dominant marijuana strain with a low quantity of CBD and high THC. It makes you feel high, lowers pain, and relaxes your mind.

.       Harlequin –

This marijuana strain mostly consists of Sativa, and it has a high content of both CBD and THC. This one can provide potential relief from menstrual cramp pain and arthritis.

Marijuana contains CBD and THC, both of which might help relieve pain. Research has shown that both CBD combined with THC can be useful to relieve pain. When CBD is used separately, it has been found to be more potent in treating inflammatory pain caused by injuries or arthritis. CBD is also used to reduce inflammation.

THC, on the other hand, helps in relieving neuropathic pain. Some studies have also suggested that THC can act as an anti-inflammatory agent.

To conclude, there are countless reports on different marijuana strains and how they can effectively manage various pain types. While some of them can be effective, it does not guarantee pain-relief in all individuals as a rule.