Best Musical Instruments to Learn via Internet

Best Musical Instruments to Learn via Internet

Learning how to play an instrument can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a particular one you like. Technology, however can help you decide and even provide a good lesson or two via videos, forums and online lessons.

Here are beginner-friendly musical instruments you can learn to play online.

The Piano

Playing the piano is simpler than you’d make it out to be, and one of the best ways to get started in the world of music. There are many different pianos, from organs to grand pianos and even electric keyboards.

Annas notes and keys is a good place to learn about the basics of piano and great tips on how you can avoid beginner’s mistakes. All it takes is just a few hours and you’ll be able to get a grasp of how to move your fingers along the keys and make beautiful melodies.


The recorder is a basic woodwind instrument that’s often used before ‘graduating’ to more complex devices such as the clarinet or flute. Moreover, it doesn’t take up too much space, easy to bring and relatively cheap compared to others.

All you’ll need to do is learn which finger to put to play a tune and the breathing that accompanies the length of sound. There are plenty of tutorial videos and blogs that provide tips on how you can play excellent recorder tunes in a short amount of time.


Thinking of playing the guitar? You may want to practice with a ukulele first. It’s easier than the standard string instruments as it only has four strings and they’re easier to press and hold down. Plus, you can carry them around and they don’t sound too loud.

The chords are about the same with a few simple differences. Handling the uke is easy and you can experiment with tunes on your own during downtime or when relaxing with friends.