Best online games to play with friends

Best online games to play with friends

In 2021 social gaming will still be limited to online spaces. However, there’s more than enough to keep things fresh and interesting.

Check out these 5 best online games to play with friends:


Backyard combines the video conferencing aspect of Zoom with popular board and card games in a convenient and ready-access space. It’s a free platform where you can chat and see each other via video while playing casual games.

Online Casino

Online casino has boomed ever since it became available on the internet. The appeal is obvious- you can play games like SAGAMING350, poker and roulette at the comfort of your own home and at any time, for that matter.

If you and your friends want some fun then going for a round or two of poker, baccarat or slots should make for a memorable evening or weekend.


A dedicated virtual hangout app developed by Epic Games. It’s what it sounds like- you enter a room, hang out with friends and if you’re all up for it, play games like Uno, trivia and others.

Among Us

A popular game that’s taken the world by storm in 2020, Among Us is great to play with friends online.

In a cramped spaceship you and other people try to peg down the killer hidden ‘among us’ and try to get the ship working again. In the meantime, the killer will try to eliminate everyone else to win.

Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games is actually a collection of games from the publisher with the same name. It’s an excellent way to pass the time and socialize with friends on the internet.

The multiplayer games are fun and don’t take up too much time. Streaming or screen-sharing can be done with one tap. The games themselves aren’t too expensive and are available on Apple TV, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation.