Best Small Animals for Condos

Best Small Animals for Condos

Not everyone is keen on the idea of having a dog or cat living with them in a condo, but there are still small animals to consider. If you’re about to move into the Norwood Grand, here are several suggestions for getting some company for condo living.


Those looking for a fun and low-maintenance pet can get a hedgehog. The only caveat is the quills, which can be solved by proper and careful handling. The key is to make your hedgehog comfortable around you by daily or consistent petting. Bathing can be done once a month, and they enjoy the same environment as a hamster.


You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to owning a pet fish in a condo. From low-maintenance breeds like the betta to elegant ones like arowanas, most of these can be found at a local pet shop. Some research is required to build the perfect habitat and preferred food for your fish.


Cute and furry, hamsters are docile pets that rarely make a sound, making them one of the best condo pets around. You can put them in a ball and have them explore the condo on their own four feet. Regular cleaning of their environment is important if you want your pet to live long.

Guinea Pig

The difference between a guinea pig and a hamster is that guineas are larger and they’re herbivores. If you want a more interactive pet to play and cuddle with, then a guinea pig is the preferred option. They love fresh vegetables along with grass hay, as well as a clean environment.


Lastly, a gecko is an exotic pet you can keep in a condo. While the learning curve for making them your pet is steep, the rewards and benefits are well worth it.