Best Tamil Songs To Accompany You On Long Drives

Best Tamil Songs To Accompany You On Long Drives

Who does not like to go on long drives? They are a tranquil getaway from the routine hectic lifestyle. But there are three aspects of long car rides that can make them incredible from simple car rides. Those aspects are:

  • A Partner: No long drive is enjoyable alone. You got to have someone to accompany you during the journey. That someone can be your friend, partner, or family member. They can turn a boring drive into an amazing one just with the conversation and company.
  • Vehicle: Nobody would want to go on a drive in a car that is not comfortable enough, especially for long trips. So you have to have a suitable vehicle for your ride.
  • Songs: Last but not least, songs are the only thing that can instantly boost your mood and bring you into the driving spirit, if you were not already. No matter who your partner is, you will eventually run out of topics to talk on. And that is when songs fill the silence and make the ride comfortable.

We cannot find you the right partner and vehicle, but we can list some Tamil songs that you can listen to on your next long drive. Also, even if you do not find a partner for your ride, these songs will fill-in for that. So here are some of the heart touching songs to listen to on long drives.


If you are traveling with your love and want to make the mood romantic, this 90s romantic hit is the best choice for you. The song Malargale came out in 1996 with the movie Love Birds. The name of the movie itself depicts what the song would be about. It is an evergreen hit, so no matter where you are going, and at what time, you can always play it turn the winds into a romantic direction.

Kanamuchi Yenada

You will find a lot of AR Rahman hits on this list, and this is one of them. The Carnatic raga based song, Kanamuchi Yenada is the best companion for you when you want to travel in peace. Chitra sang the track, and once you listen to it, it will make a permanent place in your travel playlist.

Kanave Kanave

David was a 2013 crime film that featured the song Kanave Kanave. With the incredible lyrics and soothing voice of Mohan Rajan, the song is the perfect companion when you want to keep the mood light. It was a breakthrough song for Mohan. The credit for the tune is to be given to Anirudh, who made the song a perfect fit for calming the environment. That is why this is the best song to play on long drives as it can relax your mood.

Kadhalan- Urvasi Urvasi

The song that took AR Rahman’s name to Limca Book of Records can be a perfect fit for any drive. You don’t need to play this song only during long rides. Even if you are traveling after a long day of work and have had a stressful day, you can play this soulful song and relax back. It tells you to ‘take it easy Urvasi,’ so you can leave behind all your problems and enjoy the moment.

Ok Kanmani

When the legends of the music world like Mani Ratnam, AR Rahman, and A.D. Kanagaratnam come together, you can only expect a masterpiece like this one. The singers of the song include Shashaa Tirupati, A.D. Kanagaratnam, and Darshana. It is a romantic song that will instantly boost your mood and bring you to the ‘Let’s Drive’ spirit.

So note down these songs and thus not miss them the next time you go out on a long drive with someone.